“Badge of Shame”!

Not soon enough!!!

The following was put out by the BBC, just before the parliamentary vote on “the queen’s speech”. Note the following…

The usual bias in the editing and commentary. The code word “Phoenix” used (a Luciferian doctrine) at one point. And calling on a back-stabbing Labour MP for comment, one of the two women who challenged Jeremy Corbyn in the original challenges for leadership of the Labour Party. (The other, Yvette Cooper, and since then Angela Eagle, also a “leadership” challenger, have both also been called upon to speak in interviews, when ALL of them have been proven discredited individuals for their waywardness).

“NOTHING WILL CHANGE” is the message, and it certainly WON’T, ESPECIALLY if May remains, but not even if she goes, because the “Conservatives” and their ilk will MAKE SURE that it doesn’t!

(More on this later)

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