Where I am now…

I grew up in the U.K., thankfully not in London or any of the other big cities, but in what was called in those days one of the “new towns” that were like satellites around London, just outside “the green belt”. It was somewhat rural, peaceful, and I can honestly say “I had it good”. I grew up in two of the districts that sent their children to a high school named “Hazelwick”, a comprehensive in Crawley, Sussex.

Up until the age of 14 I thought I wanted to become a policeman, but at 14 is when most young people start questioning everything. At least I did. It was also my music appreciation development period. During my last two years in school my interests changed to art and I was planning on going to art school.

Then, unexpectedly, everything changed when I was 17. Literally during the course of one day I came to know Jesus, and became a missionary.

After turning 18 and getting my own passport I started travelling and did missionary work for the next 40 years plus, in some 20 countries on 3 continents. I spent 20 years in the tropics, and spent 10 years each in India, the China area, and Iceland.

Everything that has happened in my life, as it turned out, was unexpected, inasmuch as I didn’t plan any of it myself, except the two occasions mentioned below. Some of my experiences have hurt, deeply, and I have experienced many losses. I have been near to death several times. I have helped to save lives, literally and spiritually. I have also taught and helped to train disciples wherever I have been. I have also loved many, 3 especially for a total of 30 years altogether, and I have more than a few children, 8 actually (+4 more for a while), now all grown up except for the youngest who just turned 8.

Most of the time I always thought “This is it!, this is what and where I will be from now on”, UNTIL things changed and I found out that it was not to be the case after all. I can think of actually only two occasions when I consciously made “my own” decision, both regarding a dramatic change in a relationship with another, resulting in subsequent location changes also. One ended badly, but the other ended well, I believe, as it was mutually understood and agreed (I actually thought that the first one was too at the time).

Besides my missionary service I only ever wanted one other thing in life, a wife and children, a family. I had them, for 30 years all told, but no more sadly.

These have been the major personal changes that I never expected, but changes in locations and the work I have been involved in at different times have been a constant. Nothing is ever permanent in this life I have learned, but not because I didn’t want it to be. Far from it.

There has been only one constant in my life – Jesus and His Love for me, His Word, His guidance and Presence. This is the only completely true relationship I have been privileged to enjoy, and I am looking forward to moving on to the next phase, as and when He knows is best. Amen.

In the meantime, again unexpectedly, I have found myself, necessarily, returning to the UK, to look after my aged and invalid mother, my only surviving close relative other than my sister who lives in London. It is very pleasant here, quiet, peaceful, beautiful, rural, a temperate climate, close to the sea (which I love). I have all that I need, comfortably, and plenty to keep me busy in the care of my mother and the property. I have been here for four years now, and I will remain until she passes. At that time I will go mobile and return to my beloved Iceland.

I do miss the affection, sex and companionship with a woman of like mind though, someone to talk with and cuddle up to, just hang out with, share and enjoy things together.

This is where I am now.


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