ANNOUNCEMENT (updated 12th July)

12 th July : Yes, I am busy, but I still find time in the early part of the day, after my morning devotional time, before I am “on call”, so… YouTube clips are quick and easy, writing takes longer. Anyway…

I’m going to be busy with family stuff for the next week or so, so I may not be posting so much stuff (yeah, I know, bad grammar, but it got your attention, right? 😄 )…

You might notice that I have been putting out a lot of material recently, so there’s plenty available to chew on when you have the time. It is always difficult to keep up with everything anyway, so a break is always welcome.

I can’t emphasise enough the need to AVOID ALL mainstream media, IF you really want to know the truth. My personal rule of thumb is “whatever they TRY to tell you is either a lie, or a cover up for what they are really doing, and probably both.” I will glean from their “headlines” and then assume the opposite of whatever it is they are saying, or at least expect that there is a bias or propaganda of some sort involved.

I can’t understand why ANYONE would have ANYTHING to do with the BBC or CNN, AT ALL, but they are only the leading dandy bad examples, there are NO “good ones”, except RT and the private alternative media commentaries available on the net. These are people who have brains, true historical memories, who dig deep and do the research, not accepting the diatribes that protect the status quo of “the powers that be”.

You will notice that I have a few “favourites”, and I post a lot of their common sense material here, but even I don’t agree with some of their personal viewpoints. “Just give me the facts ma’am, nothing but the facts!”

I agree with people who will say “talk is cheap” and “actions speak louder than words”, but if we don’t share a consensus on the things that really matter we will be standing alone, and this is a time “for the many, not the few”. “The few” control the money, the politics, the media, everything. The only way to change anything is to REJECT IT ALL and start again, from the bottom up! “The point” has to be shown and proven before it gets a fair hearing by the majority, THEN there is the possibility of change, because it becomes “a movement”! (Watch “V for Vendetta”, if you haven’t already).

I am not a violent person, and I do not advocate violence in any way, but I am “violent” spiritually! You have GOT to BELIEVE in SOMETHING, STAND for something, OR “you will fall for anything!”, and THIS is the sad state of affairs for the majority it seems, or at least it has been for far too long! It could be changing, but it would be a catastrophe if the desire slacked off. Think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint. You HAVE to, because this is how the elites think. It is a war of attrition with them.
The general population need to demonstrate a complete resolve if they wish to succeed.

I always think of everything from an eternal, spiritual perspective, but most people don’t. The purpose of this site is to try to help those who don’t, to at least try to help steer in a better direction. The alternative is to accept the slavery of “the system”. I will ALWAYS be “a rebel” in this sense, and I will advocate anarchy (look up the definition), at least as far as the material world is concerned.

Of course, there is a much better way, Heavenly!

In the meantime, here is a closing current statement from Lionel…

And from George…

Always, David

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