Thoughts on isolation.

Before this video two things…

We were created, originally, with a constant communication going on with our Creator, so we had the potential to be able to be “alone”. However, even though we were made this way He still said “it is not good that man should be alone”. Why?

Because Love is a verb, and something that must be reciprocated in order to be understood!

We are the product of Love, Our Creator, for His pleasure initially, so that we could love Him back. Love, in all it’s forms, must have something, someone to reflect it back. Yet He also knew that even the highest form of “love”, agape, or Godly, spiritual, does not fulfill ALL our need. We also need philos, brotherly, and eros, physical. This is because we are spiritual, mental and physical beings!

So, “let US make man(kind) in OUR image, after OUR likeness” – so you know that God is NOT some kind of animal creature, because WE are like “Him” – so “male AND FEMALE created He THEM”.

We are perfectly made, a reflection of God “Himself”, male and female who have offspring, Jesus being “the firstborn” OF MANY (guess who?).

An earlier item posted was about cities showing that artificial external stimuli is not the answer. RELATIONSHIPS, in fact the ONLY relationships that work, FULFILL our purpose for existence – First love our Lover (“Creator of”), and then those next to us, our “neighbours”.

THEN…. “Job done ✅ ” Simple!

Anyway, here’s the vid…

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