Killing off the old for profit…😡 (video added 21st)

…with the excuse that “people are living longer and we can’t afford it”! (DOUBLE-SPEAK!)

Be aware that the following clip starts with two of the smuggest BBC “attack dogs”, Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn, typical of the BBC’s officially “non-biased” presentations (along with the likes of Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Marr and somebody called Davies)!

Also be aware that THIS is a great example of how “Parliament” is not only a waste of time, but especially a waste of the tax-payer’s money. “The Government” proving, again and again, what “b******s” they really are, so condescending to everyone else!

It is important to remember that when the PM and her cronies refer to “the previous Labour government” she is talking about Tony Bliar, who’s actually job was to continue Margaret Thatcher’s policies and prepare for David Cameron’s, and subsequently Theresa May’s! She fails to mention that under the Conservative Party THEY DOUBLED THE NATIONAL DEBT, which is why they say “we can’t afford” to pay the public for what they do!

It would be better to have a system where the public are allowed to directly elect qualified people of their choice to the various departmental offices, doing away with “party politics” altogether, because “Parliament” wastes THE PUBLIC’S paid-for resources on themselves in the following manner exampled!

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