“Aggression is a sign of weakness”!…

…says Mr Putin. And it is true!

People, or entities, get angry and aggressive when their falsehood is exposed. And liars lie to try to bolster their position. Satan is the ultimate example of this, and liars are walking in his footsteps! “You are of your father, the devil. He was a liar from the beginning”.

The truth stands on its own, and those who live by it don’t need to be aggressive towards others. Love is the Truth, and those who love live by truth. They are honest and the only people who can be trusted. Everyone makes mistakes, but the difference is that liars will try to cover up, while honest folks will admit an error, learn from it, and try to do better in future.

The rhetoric of a liar tends to increase in volume and intensity over time, while an honest person will genuinely seek for reconciliation. They are much more sane and realistic.

Liars are bound by a mental disorder – schizophrenic, paranoid, bi-polar, and tend to lash out at others, especially honest people who by their very existence expose them. (Satan has always done this, and as the first murderer, Cain, proved.) Lying is the result of pride, and diametrically opposed to humility!

There is a reason why “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” was a commandment, right up there alongside “thou shalt not kill”! Words can kill!

Better to be honest and speak words that give life, don’t you think?

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