I am absolutely NOT “homophobic”!

(NOTE: This is not a “new” topic by any means, but currently we are being INUNDATED, across ALL the media here in the U.K., with “programming” “celebrating” and promoting the idea of 50 years since homosexuality ceased to be “illegal”. – Frankly I don’t give a damn about MOST of man’s laws that are usually POLITICALLY motivated and “(in)correct”! We have ALL the guidance we NEED in ONE book, IF only people would read it and learn from its Truth. It sets you FREE! – But right now I am fed up, ANGRY, that we are having all these lies shoved down our throats across all the media formats and different genres of “entertainment”!)

I do NOT have “a (phobia) fear of” homosexuals NOR homosexuality!
I am diametrically OPPOSED TO AND AGAINST IT, in ALL of its forms (almost – some aspects of some relationships are misnamed and brought under the one umbrella, but I won’t go into that here), and ESPECIALLY the so-called “transgender” BS!
You ARE what you were BORN as! It is DETERMINED by your CHROMOSOMES!
It is NOT “your choice”! YOU had NO CHOICE in the matter! It’s GENETIC!
“Check your equipment” if you don’t already know who or what you are!
Trying to go AGAINST how you are MADE is, basically, a REBELLION!
It is NOT an “emotional” thing, how you “feel” (“Love”)!
It MIGHT be a “mental” thing. (Spiritually influenced).
EFFEMINATE BEHAVIOUR is NOT favoured in men either!
The PROBLEM is SPIRITUALLY BASED, (satanically inspired), which is WHY God is against it! (Read “the list” in Romans Chapter One. Read the whole chapter for proper context. AND TAKE NOTE: IF you are “triggered” by it then you are FULFILLING the statement WRITTEN there! THINK about THAT!)

It doesn’t take “rocket science” to figure all of this out! It is SIMPLE, and it STARTS “at the beginning”!
“In the beginning God created…male and female…be fruitful and multiply”!
We were created to be PRO(for)CREATIONAL, and ALL of this LGBTQ (ad infinitum) BS IS NOT! It is pure SELFISHNESS! Self, self, self, which is how it is mostly manifested.
REAL “love” is SACRIFICIAL in contrast!

And no, I don’t care how “politically incorrect” anyone thinks I am for thinking and feeling this way. I would rather be right, with the One Who IS right about His Creation! HIS is the ONLY opinion that counts as far as I am concerned, not some conjured up perversion from “the father of lies”!

‘Nuff said!

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