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…for those who may be interested!

A good pointer to keep in mind is that the Bible provides us with all we NEEED to know, but it is Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.

This man gets it all pretty much right, except that the title is a little misleading. He does not relate to any “aliens” / “ET” phenomena at all, and also not as intra-dimensional beings (demonic or “fallen”). He also limits mankind on Earth to being the only humanly created ones (“in His own image”), and that Earth is the centre of Creation and the Universe. That is, until his closing remark where he seems to be more open to what we will do after we get our reward to “rule and reign with Christ”. I think God is big enough to have everything covered, including the rest of his Creation, which we can hardly imagine and certainly are not able, or allowed, to reach and interfere with yet. When this man talks of the Earth being destroyed by fire he includes the rest of the Universe in the “elements”, however I do not believe that this will be the case at all. Only the surface of the Earth is destroyed and then recreated, and the “New Heavens” are more likely to be “new” to us as we will have access to them then that we didn’t have before. Bear in mind that the “heavens” are many levels and exist across many dimensions. Also, although God does come down and dwells with men in the Heavenly City “New Jerusalem”, on Earth, I also believe He is big enough to fill and manage the rest of His Creation, especially as He is omniscient and omnipresent. The Heavenly City will be our headquarters, but not necessarily His only one. There is lots to do in eternity folks! Anyway, we will know then as we are also known, so, we’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy…

If you might want to go deeper, then the following is pretty mind-blowing, particularly for those who are ignorant of these things generally. Only one error that I found was the reference to the Earth being flat. This just isn’t so, as is so easily proven. I think there is a combination of misunderstanding or misinterpretation on this issue, possibly due to a “wresting” of the scriptures to fit a belief, as well as the whole “NASA has lied all along” issue, which is actually true. Anyway, take what you will from this. It is a good general summary of the Book of Enoch, which certainly fills in some gaps and provides more understanding of the spiritual side of things.

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“Hand In Glove”!

You might wonder “who” is the hand and “what” is the glove, so let me clarify this for you…(most Americans won’t understand this, but it is TRUE! How can you KNOW?… FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! – The CENTRE of the Western Capital infrastructure is “The City of London”!!!)

Anyway… The UK is where the “hand” is, and the “hand” controls the “glove” – the US of A! Think of the “glove” as like a boxing glove, or like the gloves an assassin puts on before enforcing a desired outcome!

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