Better to keep your mouth shut!?…

And maybe THAT’S “the plan”, to SILENCE dissent! Making the people AFRAID to speak openly (“freedom of speech”), KNOWING that they are being listened to! Can you think of any historical examples where this has happened before? They were called “tyrannical, oppressed, dictatorial societies” then, by the “democracies” of “the West”! But what has the “free, democratic West” become NOW, especially using its “newspeak”? (Reminds me of Tony Bliar’s “New Labour” 😄😄😄)

In fact if you have “a smart TV” you might want to turn off (better yet, disable completely) the microphone and camera (if it has them), or get a TV that doesn’t have them! You may be being watched and or listened to! 

“Same rules apply” to ALL your devices, ESPECIALLY ANY that you can “talk to”, but then why would you HAVE them if you weren’t going to USE them, right? = “Catch 22”!

“1984” is already WELL under way, ESPECIALLY in the U.K., one of THE most surveilled societies in the world! AND… YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR your own surveillance! (TV “License”)

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