Playlist of 70 Endtime Songs

From my dear friend Simon…

Dear Ones, 
I have been away the last week for a retreat in Ssese Islands, and while there I compiled and posted this collection of 70 songs about Endtime and current events that I have gathered over the last 35 years or so. Some of them are real collectors items and some are very recent which you may not have heard before, but all are still very relevant to the days in which we are now living. I am so thankful to have and be able to play these songs, because I know of none others like them in the Christian world, If you know of any, please let me know! These are all downloadable. If you click on the 3 little dots to the right of the song title, the download icon will appear. Enjoy these songs and please share your favorites with others. God bless! – Simon

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