A “Bourne” Legacy…

OR, “How to prepare, use, and then dispose of a ‘patsy'”.

IMPORTANT : NOTE the names, organisations (“government”) and methods used! See any similarities to “events” that occurred BEFORE, and more specifically AFTER???

CONCLUSION : This is a “government” MURDERING it’s OWN PEOPLE! (On MANY occasions, and getting away with it!)

PURPOSE? : Well just look at the RESULTS! (And keep this “method” in mind when you “see” or “hear” “the news” of ANY catastrophic calamity of any great scale, past, present and future! – See the video clip following the one below!)

With ALL the events that are taking place IN SO MANY DIVERSE locations IN RAPID SUCCESSION lately, following EXACT SAME METHODS of enactment, followed by EXACT SAME NEWS COVERAGE, HOW is it not possible to arrive at the conclusion that IT IS ALL STAGED??? E.G. Charlottesville then the aftermath of Barcelona!? (“Extreme” “right-wing” “demonstrations” ???)

The GLOBAL mind-setting of the population (problem, reaction, solution – perpetrated through the msms) is TOTALLY coordinated! These are not “random” acts, nor “coincidental”, NOR should we believe whatever we are being persuaded to believe as to “who is responsible”! (This is a lesson we should understand by now!)

IMPORTANT : “Cognitive Dissonance” is a pys-op method for stimulating division amongst the population in order to control them (“divide and rule”)!

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