There are TWO “Londons”!…

…and WHY it MATTERS!…

AND …..

What most Americans don’t know is that “America” as an independent republic CEASED TO EXIST LONG AGO when it became BANKRUPT not long after its conception! It then BECAME A CORPRPORATION, PREVATELY OWNED, designated by the name it is now known by “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (Corp.) – ALL CAPS! (Owned and run from “The City of London”!)

And… ANY DOCUMENT written in ALL CAPS, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (including Birth Certificates, Passports, Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, Mortgages, Business Contracts, Bank Accounts, ad infitum…) is A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT OF BUSINESS whereby you are NOT recognised as A PERSON AT ALL, but AS AN ASSET, ONE that can legally be TRADED, BOUGHT and SOLD in their global empire! “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!”??? ‘Fraid so!!! (Better to go “off-grid”, if you can!)

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This deserves a spot all of its own 😂

I will repeat the question put forth (so many times over, and over, and over again) – WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE???

The ACCUSUATIONS fly, over and over and over again, but WITHOUT A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENTIAL PROOF!!!

Lionel’s closing question about THE BBC is CLASSIC!!! 😂 (“Birds of a feather…”) “The usual suspects” of the US, UK & EU dig the ground out from under their own feet with every lying piece of excrement that comes out of their mouths! It’s actually NOT FUNNY, as Lionel points out! SHEESH! 

‘Doublethink required?’ Twitterati mock CIA’s Russian-speaker recruitment drive

Mystery dump: State Department releases thousands of Hillary Clinton documents

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“Why?” The latest attacks on Russia?…EASY!…(Updated)

You will notice that this story is supposedly about Russia going “anti-fracking” in a “social media campaign”!


It’s a story about ENERGY RESOURCES, AND this latest “scandal” is being brought up IMMEDIATELY AFTER RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, VENEZUALA, and others have made the decision TO DUMP THE US$ (petro) in their resources TRADE DEALS BETWEEN EACH OTHER, THUS CUTTING THE US’s “CUT” OUT OF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY MANIPULATION!!! In other words GOING INDEPENDENT!


ALL these nations mentioned above have HUGE natural resources, much of which is UNTAPPED but which they are trying to work on to benefit their OWN countries, as other nations did – such as Libya (look at what happened to THAT country and its people)!

As usual “follow the money” and you will understand “what’s wrong with this picture”! EASY as ABC, 123, Doh Ray Me!

And HOW do “the usual suspects” work it? As follows…

And in contrast to what they would have you believe…

Aaaaaaannnd… 😂

Russophobia: RT rates the top 10 Kremlin critics & their hilarious hate campaigns

THIS “dead horse” has ALREADY been “flogged” beyond ALL natural reason, without one single iota of proof whatsoever!…

Patriotism? Liam Neeson urges to blow the whistle on alleged Trump-Russia collusion


More on “bad”Russia and RT…

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How it is…

I get as “weary in well doing” as anybody, however we are exhorted in God’s Word NOT to become so. It takes STAMINA to KEEP “fighting the good fight”. 

The Luciferians are dedicated, willing to sacrifice themselves over generations, decades and centuries, for the future they have designed. How much more should WE be willing to “stand therefore having our loins girt about with the Truth”. 

All it takes for evil to succeed is “when good men DO NOTHING”! As it has famously been said “it’s the stand that counts”! 

When someone says “hold on” and we ask “for how long?” the answer is obvious “for as long as it takes”, or put more succinctly… “just never let go!” 

We have to “lay hold on eternal life”, understanding that “there is no discharge in this war”, no “retirement”. 

Veterans know how to fight, and new recruits NEED them, to help them learn, survive, and continue “taking it TO the enemy” until the “war” is WON! 

Look at the history of ANYONE who has succeeded in ANY fight. What did it TAKE to win? How LONG did they fight?

It comes down to FAITH, BELIEF in their cause, and the willingness to sacrifice their LIVES for it, ABOVE ALL ELSE!

I would rather STAND for SOMETHING than fall for anything and end up “living” (?) for NOTHING!

Basically, the ONLY choice we have is… The Truth? or the lie?

Remember, “the father of lies” IS “the god of this world”, and his “believers” and followers run it, for him!

Result? – “The way of the world” IS… a LIE! (It has NEVER WORKED, and IT NEVER WILL, as a result of having the WRONG foundation, in fact NO foundation at all – it is not founded on ANYTHING REAL, just smoke and mirrors!


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