1st CLASS Analysis/Explanation/Overview!!!

You might MISS it (if you are not paying attention) but one momentary comment goes along with observations I have made in previous posts, and it ALL has to do with how Endtime Bible Prophecy MUST/WILL be fulfilled!

A couple of hints…

What was the decision to move the US’s Embassy to Jerusalem all about?

Why is the Israeli PM being nice about/towards Mr T, and vice versa?

And then there’s THIS… (bear with me by first going through this video, then watch and read what follows – it’s a bit “new-agey”, but then creation being what it is, how God created it (physical based on spiritual) it is no wonder that ALL of His Creation is/can be tuned into it on many various levels. Of course God’s desire is to get every individual BACK to a direct personal relationship with Him THROUGH HIMSELF/HIS SON/HIS PERSONAL SACRIFICE FOR REDEMPTION = JESUS. THAT is HIS fore-ordained method and the ONLY way. ‘Nuff said.)

According to Bible Prophecy the “Anti-Christ” sits on a throne, in a temple, in Jerusalem. NOTE: “Anti” means “a type of”!

There are a HUGE amount of SPECIFIC descriptors in Endtime Prophecy about this personage, what he is like in appearance and character, how he comes to power, what he does, AND how he is finally revealed to be and what he does as a result, culminating in the necessity of Jesus’ return to save the world, AGAIN.

Prophecy can seem a bit ambiguous sometimes, but when we are given SO MUCH detail, cross-referenced, and the BULK of it specifically detailing “the time of the end”, even down to days, weeks and months, and years, then THIS means that God is not only “serious” about having us know about it, but it explains the WHAT, the WHY, the HOW, the WHO and WHEN so we CAN know about it BEFORE it happens.

You have to “take it by faith” BEFORE it happens, but AFTER it happens you “will know that a prophet has been among you”, i.e. it should be clear on “Who you can believe”. “Prophecy” means to “forth-tell”, or “foretell”, and God has had it ALL covered in His Word from the beginning, starting with Adam and Eve and coming right up-to-date!

He ALWAYS speaks first! Even the Liar the Devil doesn’t get to open his mouth without God’s permission (or ours)!

THIS is why He gave us His Word in the first place. We have the source, THE Truth, “straight from the horse’s mouth”! WHY would anyone want or be satisfied with anything else, when the Truth is what sets us FREE?

I’ll leave it at that for now.


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Don’t know how long this vid will be allowed to be up, but the list is long and comprehensive with a no time limit charge of treason against all those listed by name in the now unsealed indictment just released. These will be prosecuted with a military tribunal and recommended sentences of death by firing squad are requested (unless a life sentence in G Bay is allowed instead – now you know why the preparations have been made and flights have been arriving. This is probably where the tribunals will be conducted also.)

This is just the beginning!


And what’s next on the agenda? See what Mr T has declared for January!…



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Info Updates, Further Insights!

Sure beats the pants off of the msm!πŸ˜„

Previously I mentioned about going off-line soon. Besides this I ceased all TV and/or radio access/usage from Friday 22nd December evening. Besides enjoying a relaxing and refreshing time leading up to and over Christmas (which I am continuing into the New Year) it has allowed me time to access and absorb the INCREDIBLE volume of info, current and relevant, of which these last two posts are only scratching the surface!

Hope they help. Enjoy.

These sources should whet the appetite for all, to become their own citizen reporters and journalists. As many of these commentators are saying, everyone and anyone can, and should, do what they can to research and disseminate the truth. It is because of the brave few who have been taking on the Goliaths that the dams are breaking, and the numbers of those now monitoring this information are staggering.

I could say more, but I will leave it at that for now.

To put things into perspective, it’s very much like all we had available for so long was a bunch of folks who were labelled “conspiracy theorists” who could be heeded or dismissed. Now however the veil of lies and the agenda of those who have been pulling the strings forever, but especially the last 100 years, is being pulled aside for all to see.

When I now skim the headlines of the msm all I can see, clearly, are the scrambled attempts to keep the public under the illusion that there’s “nothing to see here”. This is now even more apparent than ever.

“Something is” ABSOLUTELY “going on”, and everyone is going to be forced, more and more, to take a side from now on, when they might have been able to try to slide by with ignorance before.

I feel like things have been taken up, not just “a notch or two”, or “a few gears”, but that a whole new dynamic and machinery has been created! (It’s spiritual first, the physical “reality” always follows).

In my personal experience throughout my life I have often found myself “sidelined” for periods, and these times are when I receive “an upgrade” for what is to follow NEXT! Hmmmmmm! Interesting! πŸ€”

How far is all this reaching? Here is one example…


More, some repeated but fills in stuff. This is like how info can be cross-referenced and gives more credence to propositions…


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And a Happy New Year πŸ™πŸ» (Further Updated 28th)

You HAVE to invest your time to watch this all the way through – it is FULL of info!

On the points in the last video…

THIS is why under martial law people who have committed treason are hauled into a court-martial, tried in secret, sentence handed down, and then carried out, WITHOUT the possibility of loop-holes bogging everything down between lawyers dragging out for decades with no true justice served! ‘Nuff said!

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