“SOTU” (Updated)

I woke up this morning to watch MR T’s address to Congress, the US and the world. I watched it on RT’s “RUPTLY” channel in its entirety. I did not want any msm abbreviated “explanations” of his speech. You can find it on-line, but be sure to watch the complete, unexpurgated version, straight from the horses mouth. There is a lot of commentary on it already and I won’t say too much about it here myself, but I do have a couple of cents worth to add about things that stood out to me, as follows…

1) Nothing MR T says or does is without significance. He conveys very subtle but specific points in the words he uses, and the way they are delivered, and to whom.

2) Most of His points were directed towards the Republican side of the aisle and the public gallery, and most of his statements were met with applause and a standing ovation, with whoops of approval from the public gallery as well.

3) In contrast the Democrats side were almost always seated and without applause. Quite a few weren’t even present, as a “protest”, and almost all left immediately afterwards, as quick as they could.

4) The ONLY times he turned towards the Democrats were a couple of occasions where he was inviting them to join together for the benefit of the nation on things they must surely agree would be good, OR… to subtly and briefly let them know that HE KNEW what they have been up to and are still trying to do. One of the “biggies” was when he was talking about North Korea. Most of this would go past un-noticed by the general public of course.

5) As he was leaving the hall afterwards a Republican was heard to ask him about the FISA report and is it going to be released? His answer was “You bet! 100 percent!” 👏🏻

6) There was a LOT in his speech, both open and subtle, but the best parts were about the country belonging to the people, and that the administration’s duty and privilege is to serve, protect, and help them (he already has the stats to prove that that is happening). He made it very clear the Government is returning to the Constitution, and will keep and uphold the Second Amendment. On these particular points I have to point out that the American Flag was NOT the gold-fringed version, meaning that all those in its presence are subservient to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. which is under Admiralty Law (global) EXERCISED BY THE BRITISH CROWN! (Look it up!)

7) As usual, he was respectful, appreciative, commending, polite, as well as expressing love. He ALSO said that there will be freedom of religion in the US again, and expressed the Christian blessing on America. All politicians do this of course, but you feel sincerity there. There’s a difference, and it is backed up but care and action, as related in so many accounts from those who have had interaction with him.

I won’t go into all the details of the speech. As I said before, i don’t agree with the aggressive stance the US takes against the rest of the world for one thing. However, when it comes to making the stand against the NWO then I can see that strength is needed in order to resist and defeat evil, if possible in this life. (See The Bible)

NOTE: The REAL war will continue to go on mostly BEHIND the scenes. The PUBLIC will mostly have to catch up to only a few open outbreaks here and there. It is important to STAY AHEAD of the above-ground narrative by staying tuned in to the sources that have ALREADY been proven to be true and to be on the right track.

So while here, here are some more relevant recent clips…


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The Hammy’s

… Almost as bad as the “Golden Globs” (misspelling intentional)! Also we have the BA(R)FTA’s and NTA’s in the UK), with Oscar still to have to endure! 😡


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“Free”? – One way or another, we hope!

The “2009” in the headline is not the date/year but the video number! On this point it is very helpful when whoever is posting includes the date and time in their headline and/or their introduction, preferably both!

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