“The Narrative” corrected!…(again)

Keep in mind before watching the following that just because it is HRC’s “Twitter ACCOUNT” it does not mean that she wrote it!

Apparently she is STILL mia, and we hope that means what we hope that means! 😊

Why Monday 15th? – Perhaps because it is “Martin Luther King Day”? (Symbolic – “I have a dream….”)

And THIS is from “the man himself”, an interview that took place BEFORE the US Presidential election, and now you can see WHY he was attacked so viciously from the outset of MR T’s inauguration. Now we can see how much he cared, being willing to “take one for the team” and be dragged into a lion’s den. HOWEVER, this man, and his boss, USED the circumstances to deal a deathly blow from WITHIN that den. This man is smart, and so is the Pres. What he says about how the US administration SHOULD be working with others is exactly HOW MR T IS doing it. They BOTH know that the US is having to deal with the OTHER “grand chess-masters” of Russia and China.


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