“CHECKMATE!” (Updated)

A LOT has happened, just since Friday, and even SOONER than the predicted Monday 15th (which is I believe a national holiday in the US, “Martin Luther King Day” – “I have a dream…..etc”).

Say what you will about “Q” and MR T, but they are DEFINITELY AHEAD of the game, and the promise to “drain the swamp” is WELL under way! If/when the details of the extent to which the corruptibles have been taken down/out is ever made known to the general public they will thank him and his team! Something like this on this scale has NEVER happened or been accomplished before! It’s reach is GLOBAL, not just “American”, though it starts there! The NWO have NEVER had a challenge like THIS OPPOSE them before! This is PHENOMENAL! It kinda boggles the mind as to where this could all end up!

Remember however that Bible Prophecy MUST be fulfilled, somehow! (Whewee!) Personally, I’m not sleeping much these days. It’s part excitement, part anticipation, part trepidation, as well as not wanting to miss anything! 😄 Oh, while here, I recently saw an interesting interpretation on Bible Prophecy and what the second beast of Revelation 13 could be. The interpreter pointed out that the “beasts” (world empires) in the timeline prophecies of the Book of Daniel are moving progressively westwards, culminating with the “second” (last) beast of Revelation 13! Go figure!

I will add some more clips below, but I’m putting this up right away – it’s a “BIGGY”!


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