In ANY war “intelligence” is vital to the process of winning, or losing (due to the lack of). – Look up that word “intelligence” for its definitions!

“Military Intelligence” is what the militaries involved NEED in order to plan their tactical manoeuvres, playing out their overall strategy (which is to win of course). Whoever has the BEST intelligence is most likely to be the winner, and THAT intelligence has to be successfully, (and secretly so as to not give away the plans to their opponent), communicated to ALL the combatants of that side, coordinating the efforts into a concerted attack on all fronts. The more overwhelming the move forward, the greater the effect, the speedier the results, and the least loss of life in the end. Getting to that point takes an extreme amount of “intelligence”, both knowledge (of facts and details, times, places, those involved, all the connections, etc, etc) and wisdom (how to use that knowledge, when, where, etc, etc). It takes really smart people to work in these areas and execute their part in the overall strategy of the war.

THIS is why traitors, those why “spy” and “leak” this kind of intelligence are dealt with, usually more harshly than the common soldiers who have to carry out the actual combat. Traitors, “enemies within”, covered in the “Oath Of Allegiance” (“foreign AND DOMESTIC”) are the most insidious, and are RESPONSIBLE for MORE death and destruction than the “foot-soldiers” who, to the best of their ability and knowledge, going by the information given to them, honestly believe that they are doing their duty.

NOTE: The intelligence of MR T’s team is WAY AHEAD of the elites’, who ONLY seem to be able to react to things, but even then are ONLY exposing themselves more and more as a result. THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST THE PROPAGANDA WAR in effect, as will be born out more and more as things move forward! (“Big week” ahead!)

Keep all this in mind as we go on to the next part of this point…

Besides the actual carrying out of the war by the military, there is one aspect of any war regarding “intelligence” (or lack thereof where the public population are concerned) and “information” that is VITAL to have “in play”, and THAT is what can only be called “propaganda”. WORDS used to galvanise public opinion behind a cause, or AGAINST the public acquiring knowledge of the TRUE intent of the agenda propagated by the protagonists and their various “players” involved.

THIS is what is going on right now, on a scale that the world’s peoples are only now starting to wake up to, thanks to a brave precious few!

How do you know who to trust?

It is quite simple really. Who is MORE LIKELY to be telling the TRUTH?

Wouldn’t it be those who have NOT BEEN PROVEN LIARS (such as “the usual suspects”), who are those who have built their global empire on lies FOR DECADES, CENTURIES, ALWAYS staying on top, at the (literal) expense of the REST of humanity!

Frankly, all things considered, regardless of how things play out, good and/or bad, I am THRILLED that all the dots of the global elites are being connected and their perfidy is being dragged out into the open for ALL to see, FINALLY!

THIS information being shared NOW is PROFOUNDLY PRIVILEGED and should be APPRECIATED as such. Why? Simple! “The TRUTH shall set you FREE”! NOTHING like THIS has EVER happened on a scale such as this BEFORE! (“No s**t Sherlock!” 😊)

The differences in the sources are diametrically opposite to each other…

One “source”, the lie, which has ruled unopposed until now, has had the fruit of enslavement and death! This OTHER source is opening peoples eyes to the TRUTH, which when COMPLETE results in FREEDOM!

I guess it’s a matter of “who do you WANT to believe?” (Basically THAT means that whatever YOU decide is YOUR responsibility, and the RESULTS are on your OWN head!)

I’m definitely NOT jazzed about MR T being referred to as “emperor god”! That is NOT a good sign, especially if he ACCEPTS this accolade! (I’ll have more to say on this later maybe). However, if THE God ALLOWS him to eliminate the underlings of Satan, and thus spare the world from annihilation for a while, well I’m okay with that! (Again, more to say later maybe).

In the meantime, as we are warned, stay alert, aware, KNOW that it IS “a war” that IS taking place, (especially SPIRITUALLY so “put on the whole armour of God”), and can STILL cost lives, as it ALREADY HAS!

And remember, for the general population “the war” is PRINCIPALLY manifested IN WORDS! (People then follow with ACTIONS, according to the WORDS they BELIEVE! So BE AWARE of this fact!)

If you haven’t YET, CHOOSE A SIDE! The RIGHT one – GODs!

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