Dear Delores… (O’Riordan [pronounced rear-dun])

I just caught the tail end of the news of her death, and for some reason I felt it was significant. So I looked her up, and I almost wept!

Why? Well, watch this and you will understand…


I don’t usually comment on anyone’s death, but this one has really moved me for some reason. I somehow feel that Delores’ “sudden death” was not significant just because she was a musician/actor/artist (yet another) who’s passing was untimely. This lovely lady was different I feel, regardless of whatever circumstances we may or may not ever know.

I only knew her band by name, and I only remember hearing part of one of their songs in the soundtrack of a film (possibly more than one). However, I was listening yesterday and I could hear the depth of feeling in their songs, feelings that are very apparent brought out in the interview clip above. Hence my sadness. (She reminds me of someone like Gerry Rafferty – real depth!)

Anyway, I won’t say any more than this here.


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