Mr G & stuff… (Updated)

About the following I will only say this… Remembering that disinformation and misdirection is a HUGE method in any propaganda war, decide who you want to believe first (who do you trust), and understand that those responsible for engaging in and concluding the desired outcome must also use the same tactics. The general public are usually spared the details in order to deflate any possible unrest of any kind. (This is not a new idea). In my opinion, it is better to trust the most credible source, those who have been repeatedly proven honest and credible, in their record, in their words and in their actions. This includes those who are trying to interpret and disseminate the truth for all. Also remember, we all make mistakes, and I mean all.

I don’t know if these photos are genuinely time-stamped or not. I would prefer to believe that these swamps things are already in captivity. But even if not, they are clearly de-fanged and de-clawed. They have no power any more “Q” tells us, and it is only a matter of time (patience required) before they are permanently neutralised (in every way). Think of them as like fish just caught and hauled out of the water. They might continue to breathe a while and could still flip-flop around trying to get back into their natural environment, but the end is inevitable! (Remember however that the big and dangerous fish will usually put up a big and dangerous fight, until or unless….!)

And don’t forget… (the public are asked to partake in the propaganda war)…

Take note of the references to the U.K. in this…

And MOST Americans actually feel THIS way…

And as far as the psychopaths who would want you to believe that MR T is incompetent or incapable and therefore should be deposed under the 25th Amendment? (How low can they go? – THEY need THEIR heads examined! 🤪 ) 😂

Trump sticks it to mental health doubters with perfect head exam

And let’s remember who’s side the msm and twitter are on folks, then read this 😂

THEY are about to be publicly NAMED and SHAMED, as if the public didn’t know who the usual suspects are already! 😱


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