“The Fake News Awards!”

MR T’s awards are published! (As promised!) 😄

The clips are available on the net! No surprises really. We all know “who’s who” already. However, it was great to see a “politically INcorrect” leader call a spade a spade, with detailed facts, and not for the first time (nor the last I’m sure). I could say more on this, but there’s no real point in doing so. Personally I like his strategy in dealing with all of his opponents – using their OWN tactics and methods against THEM! (“You reap what you so!” and “Karma’s a bitch” – I like the “bite” in that one 😊).

Genius, he is! AND stable, according to his doctor (a Rear-Admiral no less!). The msm HATE that (and the doctor now 😂). The msm have lost any remaining relevance they thought they still had. Once he has finished draining the swamp of its rats perhaps MR T should start prosecuting those guilty of slander and libel!? 👍🏻

There was a little “delay” in the delivery of the awards. (Also the site went down initially due to the sheer volume of traffic when it was announced!) Some commented that it was probably “tactical”. I’m inclined to agree. Going by MR T’s record so far, EVERYTHING is tactical. “Timing is everything” and he has decades of success in “the art of the deal”. The usual suspects didn’t have a clue as to what “chew” they were trying to bite off when they came up against this man! He has been LEADING the way ALL ALONG! All his opponents can do is run around in circles, chasing their tails, while trying to catch up with him! 😂 “Good” or “bad” I don’t really care right now, he’s shaking the tree! It NEEDED to be shaken, and the rotten fruit is falling! Yay!

I don’t know the results of the “meme war” by the general populace as yet. I would expect that Twitter would try to thwart it, but we’ll see if they can (they have already been exposed for how they operate). The fact is that “sheer weight of numbers” CAN bring down the hardiest of opponents, and THAT was the tactic called for! I like what “Q” has said to galvanise the people – “where one goes, we go all” and “no one is greater than another” in the fight! The more the general populace is informed, the greater the possibility of success – another great tactic in the overall strategy! 👍🏻

There are LOTS of comments and opinions and propositions on the net about “what’s happening”, also even some disagreements in places. It matters not. The general preponderance is that SOMETHING needs to be done to CHANGE what has been going on for a LONG time, and MOST people are aware that there is no one on the scene who CAN do something about it, and IS doing something about it (and not “just talking” about it like most “normal” politicians) other than MR T!

“Nobody’s perfect” and He certainly ISN’T, and not EVERYTHING he does is either, BUT AT LEAST HE’S DOING SOMETHING! 👏🏻

Everybody has put up with real s**t for SO long that they are SCREAMING for tangible “results” NOW. HOWEVER, when you stop to actually THINK about how LONG and DEEPLY ENTRENCHED the evil has been, and how many tendrils and root systems have been in place, perhaps a little patience could be a virtue that should be exercised!? MR T is no “saint”, he’s just a man, but he IS trying to do his best! I’m thinking of the quote (with him “doing God’s work” right now you could say), “God’s wheels of judgement grind exceedingly slow, BUT they grind EXCEEDINGLY FINE!”. As with a tree, any tree, but especially an ancient one, if you are going to cut it down you ALSO have to dig down and get ALL of the ROOTS out, otherwise IT GROWS BACK!

I think that MR T and his team KNOW this and understand it.

Let’s remember a couple of things here also…

He had thought about running for the office of President FOR DECADES, and has been fully aware of the problems of the US ALL ALONG since he was a young business man!

The generals of the military have ALSO known of the problems with the country for a LONG time, and were PLANNING to do SOMETHING about it for at least THE LAST THREE YEARS! (BEFORE MR T declared he was running for President!)

It is believed that they ASKED him to do so, and promised their support and protection. (Like the guy said in “The A-Team”, “I love it when a plan comes together!” 😊). Hence the very apparent synchronisation between MR T and “Q” (representing MILITARY intelligence = NOT “the usual suspects” of the three-letter agencies of “the swamp”!)

Is this picture not apparent? (Makes sense and seems logical to me). What MAY result and follow AFTER I don’t know, but as stated before the election “ANYTHING but CLINTON!”

Well, “call me crazy”, but I like the catch-line in the chorus of a song (I think musicians call it the “hook”) of a friend of mine, way back, “I LOVE to see the wicked when they fall”! It has been made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR “WHO” the wicked have been and still are (because they show NO signs of repentance)!

Oh, and THE most important thing to remember…

REGARDLESS of “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, “when?”, “why?” or “how?” – GOD IS IN CONTROL! And yes, EVEN in ALLOWING the devil to seemingly have his way! Satan is GOD’S creation, and SERVES Him! Whether he likes it or not he serves God by fulfilling his role! And that is?…

Basically, think of it this way… “You can’t APPRECIATE good unless you have KNOWN evil”! Remember what Satan said to man at the beginning? “You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”!?


‘Nuff said! (For now)



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