I have said this before, but just as a reminder…

I KNOW that a lot/most of the material shared recently is America centred. Why?

Because the US has directly affected the rest of the world on behalf of the usual suspects, BUT…

They are now threatened, under attack, and the OUTCOME of all of this IS going to affect THE REST OF THE WORLD ALSO!

SO, it behooves us to PAY ATTENTION, and PRAY for those who have undertaken this task on behalf of THE PEOPLE (NOT just of America but of the whole world)!

This is a serious, REAL war about good and evil! There is no other way to describe it!

While here I would suggest that we dig back into our Bibles and study Endtime Prophecy, because it WILL come to pass, and we should prepare for it by informing ourselves! There IS a final outcome, but getting there is not going to be easy!

Satan has pretty much had full sway since the beginning, and he has held power THROUGH HIS ELITES!

THIS is what it’s ALL about folks, and IT IS TIME to acknowledge this and PICK YOUR SIDE and GET ON BOARD!

“Is it worth it?” – What do YOU think/believe?

“Red pill”? “Blue pill”? – YOUR choice!

The CLOSER we get to the conclusion of all things, the LESS TIME there will be for fence-sitters!

DON’T be left hanging with one leg on each side, or you will HURT yourself!

Jus’ sayin’!

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