A friend from Iceland…(Updated 23rd)

…just wrote to me with some questions after reading here on my news blog. I replied with what I hope will be helpful answers, though maybe not exactly on some of the specifics asked, because I don’t know those answers myself having not studied them. I don’t think that they will mind if I share what I wrote with others, so here it is…

“Thank you for your e-mail. It is a pleasant surprise to receive it.

I really miss Hressó. It is my favourite place in Reykjavik. I miss the people and friends I made there, SO much. We can’t go back in time, but I go back with my happy memories sometimes. Hressó was like my “second home” on the weekends 😊. I miss Iceland, terribly, and it is my heart’s desire to return there as soon as it is possible. It is the only country I have lived in where I felt like “I’m home”. Yes, I’m “homesick” 😢

Anyway, to answer your questions…

I’m not actually a politically-minded person. I hate politics (basically it’s BS and I have known this since my childhood). However I love people, and I know the difference between “right” and “wrong”, so I will promote anyone who is trying to do the right thing for the people. I don’t care about their politics or what political party they say they belong to.

I believe all personal relationships are better done on a one-on-one level, and then we should start from there and then build our circles bigger and bigger, trying to include as many as we can, those that we come to know on our journey through life. Basically you could call it “from the bottom up”. I don’t believe ANY centralised form of government is going be good for all. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” The BIGGER the government, the WORSE it is for the people. History proves this point, over and over again, and they all collapse eventually, one way or another.

As I see it, when our personal circles of influence get bigger and start overlapping in different areas, then we can meet to discuss the areas of common interest and, where or when necessary, promote the possibility of asking the most skilled in those areas to help the community with their expertise. This would be advisory, counselling, demonstrating to the community how they can learn to do these things for themselves, as much as possible, or as they are able. Everyone is good at something. No one is good at everything. We all need each other and should SHARE our lives with each other. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need” “Love in practice”. THIS is real community, and works best on a small scale. No one should rule, order, or dictate to others. None of us are that smart 😊.

I am a spiritually-minded person, and since the age of 17, when I started travelling the world, I have believed and tried to practice the two “Golden Rules” – “Love God” and “Love your neighbour as yourself”. This is the only foundational belief that actually works, in every area of life, IF it is practised.

I know this all sounds very idealistic, and people might say “not practical”, but is has worked for me for the last 45 years. I have seen it work in other peoples’ lives also, and if it works for a few why can’t it work for many? “Food for thought” huh? 😊 The only thing that works against this principle is selfishness, in any of its forms, especially in greed and where “money” is involved, “the love of money being the root of all evil”. There are better ways of doing things.

Which in a funny way brings me to your other question…

I am not very knowledgable about the specifics of technology and the systems of modern society. I know “a little bit about everything”, and “a lot about some things”. 😊 Most of this knowledge has been acquired through my travels and life experiences, as well as monitoring world and current events and developments as they happen.

I CAN tell you this…

Any “thing” of itself is not necessarily “evil”. It is how it is USED, and by “who”. In other words the INTENTION and the MOTIVE behind anything. When inventions or technology are used AGAINST people, then it would be better if we never had them. However, and this is important to understand…

The public are only “allowed” small amounts of technology, as it is released to them. The technology itself has been in the hands of “the powers that be” ALREADY, and for DECADES in most cases. Basically they “weaponise” it first, for their own purposes, usually destructive, then later they “sell” it to the public, the appealing non-weaponised version. This is a double-purpose technique – first to make a buck or two, but more importantly to introduce and acclimatise the public to the idea of the technology that will eventually be used to ENSLAVE the people. All the really GOOD stuff, that would actually BENEFIT the people IS KEPT FROM US.

(Sorry about writing IN UPPER CASE LETTERS sometimes – I do it for emphasis sometimes, especially in my posts you will notice. I am NOT SHOUTING 😂 I just don’t want the point to be missed or overlooked)

There ARE some VERY important developments that are coming out now that are very “scary”. I won’t go into detail here, this is already getting to be a long e-mail isn’t it? But things that would be important to look into these days are…

5G; anything that promotes “Artificial Intelligence”; “robotics” of ANY kind; voice activated and responsive technology such as “Siri”, “Alexa”, “Google”, etc; anything with a camera or webcam in it; Facebook, Twitter, Google (and all Google’s sub-divisions); anything that includes “face-recognition”, including all CCTV; (basically anything connected to the internet and using Wi-Fi / microwaves); almost all “mainstream media”, because its whole purpose is to promote the propaganda of “the powers that be”, and this includes most of the films, music, books and “entertainment” products and it’s by-products; vaccine programs and the pharmaceutical industry (they are killing people with this stuff – not joking); any GMO products (also killing people); anything to do with “genetic engineering” or acquiring DNA; any “central banks” and their subsidiaries; generally be wary and cautious in all on-line activity, including cell-phone use, messaging stuff, snapchat, Instagram and all…

I could go on, and on, and on.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some this technology in itself, and it has its uses. I use some (very little actually) of it myself occasionally, for very specific purposes. However the danger is that “it can, and does, use you”, and IS being used to gather our personal data for “THEIR” purposes. All the modern technological developments are for one thing – CONTROL!

A good friend of mine said a long time ago, when technology was just starting to really take off, “Use it, don’t abuse it, and DON’T let it USE YOU!” Wise words indeed!

I’m sorry that this has become a long e-mail. I don’t usually talk much, but when I get started it is hard to shut me up 😂 People have told me “Wow David, you sure are full of your subject”. Well, yes I am. I am passionate about things that I believe are important. And I usually think “this might be the only opportunity I may have to communicate, so I may as well cover everything, from A-Z!” 😊

Please feel free to e-mail me again if you want to, especially if there is anything I have not made clear here, or if you might have any more questions. Okay?

Always, David”


“I certainly understand and agree with your concerns about these things you mention. All of it. As I said, the “militarised” versions of technology are WAY ahead of what the public knows.

I watch sci-fi films, for the purpose of knowing what they want the public to believe and expect to happen, to get them to accept these things (“evolution”, “progress”), or to persuade them that they will be unable to resist anyway. Basically they are psy-oping (mentally preparing the people).

RFID “chips” (they can transmit AND receive) are a HUGE part of it all, especially when they will want to IMPLANT them into PEOPLE. And of course they are working to get to what they call “singularity” (“hive-mind”).

The poor military guys are the first guinea pigs for everything, including drugs and other “modification” and “enhancement” “technology” (implants and “biomechanics”).

These are “catchy words” introduced through the films and “scientific breakthrough” documentaries and “news clips” in the mainstream media.

If you read the documentation, the “mission statements” of the corporations involved, you find “really scary s**t” in their “hiding in plain sight”, plain black-and-white “double-speak”.

“Double speak” is the “new” Orwellian language of EVERYTHING today! And most people seem to be too dumbed-down to recognise it sadly. OR they are too lackadaisical to acknowledge it and “hope that it will go away” if they “ignore” it, which it won’t! IT WILL ONLY GET BIGGER AND WORSE IF/AS THEY DO! (“Head in the sand” mentality!)

The facts are that there is nothing any of us as individuals can do about it. Those “elitists” have been so entrenched, especially financially, that they have acquired the “control” as “the powers that be”, and “we the people” cannot match them in these areas or on the same scale! HOWEVER…

WE OUTNUMBER THEM! And there IS something we CAN do, IF the general population would just RECOGNISE this fact and ACT on it!…

We can REFUSE to comply/cooperate/obey! Simple! IF the over 7 billion people on the planet ALL did this then the “powerful” would have NO power! (Like when you see in a movie “the little guy” finally stands up to the bully, his “power” is shown to be FALSE! IMAGINED! Even if the little guy gets beaten, his stand is seen by the rest and THEY ALSO then stand up against the bully! THEN HE sees that he is OUTNUMBERED, AND RUNS! 😊). I like the quote “It’s not the size of the DOG in a fight that wins, but the “size” of THE FIGHT IN THE DOG!” 😄

We DON’T HAVE TO “accept the way things are”! WE ARE FREE to THINK, SAY and DO as we think is right within our conscience, and NO-ONE can take that away from ANY of us. The ONLY way we lose is if we are “scared” into SUBMISSION to the bullies!

Eventually, at some point, we may have to literally fight to retain our freedom, but personally I would rather fight, and die if necessary, rather than to be, or stay, a slave to the BS!

As someone famously said once “The ONLY thing we have to fear is fear ITSELF!”

I am as concerned as anybody SHOULD be about the state of the world now, but I REFUSE to FEAR it, or ANYONE! I have been in MANY situations, some of which could be called “life or death”, and I have found that whenever I made A STAND, I SURVIVED! If I HADN’T I probably wouldn’t be here now! Even if I “lose” one day in the end, I will have a had “a great run”, ENJOYING every minute of it, REJOICING in my victories, with NO REGRETS of even my losses and failures (I always learned something and came out better and stronger for them afterwards).

As for “the worst case scenario” (death – comes to all of us, one way or the other), I do not fear even THAT! I HAVE had “a near death experience” ALREADY, and THAT taught me that there is NOTHING to fear in it!

This is all I can think of right now. I may think of more later, but I need to get on with a few other things so…later?”

FOLLOWING IS THE LINK TO A CLIP THIS ONE SENT ME AS AN EXAMPLE OF THEIR CONCERNS. (This “scientist” is world famous, and a major expositor of the new world/ new age indoctrinations! – “Such a happy, smiley face!” “Such logical and positive presentations of what is in store for us all!” “You can trust him!” – NOT!!!)



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