Real News On The Move!

Real News On The Move!

Everyone (just about) that I have re-posted here on my site has been deleted from YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, even Dr Jerome Corsi!

A few have hung around under new accounts with different names, but only to leave information about where to find them now!

Those who have been posting about “Q” are all gone, so, unless you know how, it will be difficult to be informed of what is happening (in advance) from the good guys!

The “crunch” for switching everybody off was when everyone was pointing out the crisis actors rolled out in the msm (CNN at the forefront!) after what just happened in Florida! (This has now gone into overdrive with school kids demanding from, and even threatening, adults who are MUCH older and MUCH wiser – behaving just like the “Hitler Youth” of the days shortly before the Second World War began!)

“The usual suspects” are SO desperate right now, AND, it seems fighting amongst themselves for survival (any)! And they are using the CHILDREN to try to stay in power!

The NEXT generation of “the elites” will be/are younger and MUCH more vicious, being morally much more corrupted with the “anything goes”, “politically correct” new mores of “society”!

The seventeen year old social media actor, Hogg (!), the son of a former FBI agent father and former CNN employee mother says “we will outlive you” and has “decided to boycott school until the gun laws are changed”! He was in California six months ago, and has been all over the media in many places and guises since! Yeah, a “professional crisis actor”, trained by his mommy and daddy no doubt! I’m thinking he was moved to the school PRECISELY for what just happened, BEFORE it happened! “False Flag” anyone?

I sincerely hope and pray that a significant and clearly publicly VISIBLE ACTION of SOME kind is taken by the good guys SOON, because this move and counter move stuff could go on forever, and SOMEONE has to execute the knockout blow, SOON, or many more lives WILL be lost!

How do you kill a snake? The ONLY way is to CUT OFF ITS HEAD! SO, CUT OFF THE HEAD! “They” have been WILLING to KILL for THEIR s**t, and HAVE DONE SO! Time to PUT A STOP to it all, ONCE and for ALL!

In the meantime, many of the preferred authors who have been switched off by the now msm social media sites can be found in places like D-Tube, bitchute, steemit, etc. Many have kept the names you might be familiar with already and have MOVED their backed-up copies of previously published material to those new sites!

It is now more imperative than ever to keep up to date!

In case you might have missed the comments from yours truly in this post, here it is again…

Always, David

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NOBODY wants to address it!…

…Speaking about “the unspeakable”! WHY? Lionel explains why…

NOTE: In the msm there is an AVALANCHE of articles about “the guilty” these days, HOWEVER… THEY ARE ALL “LOW HANGING FRUIT”! THEY are being “thrown under the bus”! WHY? To DIVERT the attention of the populace who would DRAG the REALLY guilty kicking and screaming from their bastions of power with pitchforks and torches and EXECUTE them WITHOUT MERCY! REMEMBER… These are UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS being done to INFANTS and CHILDREN!!! And the WORST IMAGINABLE is conducted by “the powers that be”!!! (“I s**t you not!”) And THEY do it to prolong their OWN lives (try to), sacrificing (literally) the next generation in order to do so!!! And ALL in the worship of SATAN!!! (Again, “I s**t you not!”)

THIS is why we are experiencing HEAVY CENSORSHIP across the alternative media now, BECAUSE the citizen journalists are going after and exposing THOSE RESPONSIBLE, the REAL culprits, those who “rule the world”!!!

ALL of the msm BS is for THIS SINGLE PURPOSE – to divert and distract from that which follows NO “party/political” lines, NO denominational religious persuasions per se, NO “colour” differences, NO “national” boundaries – JUST PURE EVIL against ALL of mankind!!!

And God WAS, and STILL IS, VERY specific about the type of people who engaged in these activities (it’s actually not new but handed down through generations of history)!!! THERE IS A VERY SPECIFIC PLACE IN THE FUTURE RESERVED FOR THESE INHUMANS!!! Even if they “escape” the judgment of the people, here and now, they will STILL have to face THE Judge when they die!!!

PROOF that nobody wants to (truly) address it…

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It’s Happening!…(Updated More)

…CENSORSHIP!!! (EVERY ONE of the people mentioned in the following video are people I have re-posted here at some time!!!)

Personally, I NEVER “comment”, “like”, “subscribe”, or “hit the bell”, for ANYONE – BECAUSE THEY ARE COLLECTING EVERYONE’S DATA THROUGH ALL THE CONNECTIONS!!! AND… and this is VERY important – they are utilising A NEW APP called “DISCORD” for this very purpose!!!

I DON’T personally use ANY of the “social media” apps!!! I DON’T “sign in” to ANYTHING!!! NOR “give feedback”, to ANYONE!!! I NEVER “message” anyone, NOR “share”/”stream” ANYTHING on-line, ESPECIALLY photos/videos!!! I RARELY use the phone, if ever, and only use Facebook/Skype VERY occasionally to talk with my daughter! I DON’T use “Google Search”! I keep ALL my webcams COVERED, except when actually using them! (Can’t do this with mics, unless someone can tell me how)! I keep ALL my devices OFF except the one I’m using! I ONLY use “location services” when actually using a device or an app! I NEVER respond to “pop ups”, “ads”, “surveys” or “have your say’s”, NOR any unsolicited e-mails, nor e-mails from anyone I don’t actually know (except through my sites, and even then only with discretion)! I DON’T “allow comments” on my sites! I NEVER give any more personal info to ANYONE than is absolutely necessary! (There is nothing I can do about what is already out there!).

I also don’t have on or use “Siri”, “Alexa” or “Hey Google” and would NEVER have one of their “speaker boxes” in my house!

On another point, I keep anything I have with a chip in it in a shielding device!

EVEN THEN… I STILL have weird things happen, and my stats are dropping off! (Maybe folks are just not that interested, I don’t know, but as long as I still have an outlet I will keep using it!)


I am hoping, going by MR T’s and “Q”‘s comments, that these entities will ALSO be brought down, along with the rest of the deep state and all of its functionaries, BECAUSE they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and THUS CRIMINAL in their ACTIONS!!!


BECAUSE the msm has ALREADY been DEBUNKED they HAD to attack the very last vestige of free speech, the mechanism by which the deep state and its propaganda outlets were being EXPOSED!!!


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The usual suspects are so far removed from the truth! Can they REALLY be that deluded? Personally all I can think of is that THEY KNOW they have been lying ALL ALONG, and like little kids they are STILL trying to lie their way out of the inevitable punishment for the crimes they have clearly committed! ALL of the BS from them and their socket-puppet msm can ONLY be described as delay tactics and diversion (distraction)! – Time to bring down the hammer!

And just how deluded ARE they?… THIS much… (They have NO MORAL STANDARDS WHATSOEVER!)

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Actors & Politicians (both interchangeable)!…

Live by the grace of THE PEOPLE!

If they THINK that they “rule” over anybody then just how DELUDED they must be!


As “Q” has posted about the OTHER “bad actors” – “NO DEALS!”

Anyone who has acted heinously DOESN’T DESERVE patronage (the public’s money) NOR “re-election”!

Why would anyone KEEP a liar, or anyone who has been proven to be corrupt and actually working AGAINST them?

That is being WILLINGLY IGNORANT! (“Can a leopard change its spots?”)

REPEATING the SAME STUPID FORMULA while expecting (hoping for) a different RESULT = INSANITY!

The public has a LOT (almost everything) to UN-LEARN! The problem is that you can’t “unsee” or “unhear” stuff you have already been propagandised with UNLESS you experience “the RENEWING of your mind” (The Bible). “You’ve been living a lie Neo” (Morpheus – at least Neo chose the red pill, as must we!)

WHAT has Hollyweird ACTUALLY given us that WE NEED? Or ANY of “the entertainment world” (“bread and circuses”), or ANY of the lamestream media, or ANY of the “politicians”, or ANY of the “financial sector”, or ANY of the “corporations” (this DOESN’T just mean the “businesses” by the way – look up how the US is actually set up, as well as the “Admiralty Law” under which MOST of the world is governed, and “who” that is)!

“How’s THAT workin’ for ya?”

KEEP ditching them! WE DON’T NEED THEM!!!

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…It sure looks like the “truthers” are being divided – so they can be conquered!

How? Simple! – DOUBT!

Here lies the danger in anyone giving praise, or accepting praise, to, or from, any individual!

And here is how you counter the falls that will be inevitable, because we are all only human after all, and NONE of us are God! NOTE: None of the people I have posted here have ever claimed to be, for the record!

BE “a messenger”, and focus on THE MESSAGE! NO-ONE is right all the time or about everything, but we CAN PUBLISH the TRUTH!

MOST of the truthers that I am aware of demonstrate a lot of humility, therefore I trust them as people who are just trying to do their best, trying to help, AND they are pretty tight on working together, well. The problem comes when someone slips up sometimes (it happens), but we should not throw the baby out with the bath water! Take and use what is true, and overlook and forgive the occasional (unintentional) error!

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” – ANY man, even the good ones! And therein lies the problem, when people DON’T follow this advice!

It is human nature (natural) for people to idolise the people they believe are doing the things that they feel are right, thus giving credit to the PERSON! HOWEVER… the danger in this is two-fold – either this can minister to the pride of the person who is being idolised, which WILL lead to the “idol’s” downfall, if they ACCEPT it, OR, and this is more usually the case, the “idol-worshipper” is portraying their OWN pride in their worship!

We are to “give credit where credit is due”, but “Who” is the INSPIRATION of Truth and/or ANYTHING beautiful and good?

It is a spiritual reality! This is “the bottom-line” to EVERYTHING!

Which brings me to “doubt”…

DOUBT is the RESULT of PRIDE! It is HOW SATAN DECEIVES (with the ultimate goal of destruction)!


To stay safe we only need to do two things – Love God, THE Truth, our Creator, and our neighbour as ourselves IN THAT ORDER!!!

If we love God we know our place, and THAT keeps us humble! – Humility is the OPPOSITE of pride! And pride comes BEFORE a FALL, EVERY TIME!

Since the Devil is “a liar from the beginning”, “the father of lies”, and whose FOLLOWERS are ALL liars, and ALL because of PRIDE (look at the middle letter of that word – should give you a clue!) you should be able to see the correlation of it all, how it all works spiritually!

I like how Isaac Green prays a lot on camera, and I REALLY appreciated how he gave GOD all the credit for what has happened in his life and what has resulted since. NOTE: MOST folks have “good intentions” and say “good things”, but in contrast do NOT usually get down to “the bottom line”, which is God, and JESUS specifically, and HERE is where error can get in, BECAUSE of pride, WHICH BRINGS DIVISION, eventually, one way or another, as each needs or wants to be “more right” than the other! Do you see?

This principle WORKED on Adam and Eve (each blaming “the other guy”), SEPARATING THEM, and it has worked on mankind ever since!

Let’s not go that route people!


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