Too “YUGE” To View! (Whatever happened to “spelling”?) – UPDATED 11th Feb

Some of the biggest developments have/are taking place right now, and I can’t keep up.

So, here is a quick summary, as best as I can surmise…

A few things/people have been shut out (“Senate Intelligence Committee” = bad guys), “taken down” or are being “taken out” (or exposed) re “intelligence” operations by the bad guys, including intel (chips) and internet use (Google et al) and abuse (malware that acquires all data) – (Latest “Q” posts – follow the crumbs). The Clinton’s private server has been accessed.

MR T & Team have been WAY ahead ALL ALONG (since BEFORE the election) and have had the bad guys running in circles and painting themselves into a corner at every step (“5D chess”). Basically the usual suspects are now in “panic mode”, at every level.

MR T & Team ALREADY HAVE “all the goods” on the bad guys and are about to execute their “coup de grace” (“next week, next week, next week” – Q)

The Clowns In America black ops in Asia have been/are being taken out, as well as their satellite surveillance capabilities (Google Earth programming is a major part of this). The bad guys have been skimming money off of the people’s credit/debit cards through Asia.

The bad guys’ (puppets) overseers, the Rothschilds, are in the process of trying “damage control” using their usual tactic – monetary manipulation to create a collapse of the US (and global) economy in order to retain their “on top” position.

Lots more “resignations” of CEOs AND FBI personnel, including its no. 2 officer (female). (Q – the usual suspects in public office will be dealt with publicly, one way or another, but the CIA will be taken care of/out “privately”! 👏🏻)

SEDITION and TREASON by the guilty WILL be SHOWN and PROVEN to the public, HOWEVER…

PEDOPHILIA (and all of its “side products”) at the VERY HIGHEST echelons of US AND GLOBAL “society” will be “the clincher” as far as the general public are concerned (non partisan)!

UPDATE 11th February :

“Q” posts over the weekend have been the most explicit and aggressive to date! “Next week, next week, next week” (THIS week now) will see a LOT of stuff “going down”, some shocking! As follows?…

FBI, DOJ, DNC, FISA judge and court, Senate “Intel Committee”, the MI6 “agent” (and “associates”), everything to do with “Uranium 1”, The Clinton’s, Obama, McCain, Ginsburg (Supreme Court Judge) et al, all EXPOSED and in total disarray and disassembled! “Snowdon” (good or bad, maybe both?). Here are some of the details…

MAJOR takedowns and takeouts (takeouts on BOTH sides, more helicopter and plane crashes, “sudden deaths”, “suicides”, etc, but the MOST RELEVANT are by the GOOD guys) have been taking place and ARE ONGOING! (“Gitmo full” – new containment facility needed!) Chain of command, communications, financial structures, and “retaliation” elements of the bad guys are being taken out, including the ability to initiate a nuclear war!

Too much info now – Look it all up for yourself, ‘coz I can’t keep up. Thanks.


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