“Slave Gardens”

I was listening to Dr Jerome Corsi and the anons interpreting a few of “Q’s” latest posts and the subject of “slave gardens” came up, and I couldn’t help thinking “Isn’t that how the elites placate their slaves? – Give/allow them something that gives them the illusion that they are doing something for themselves, to better their lives, while all the while belying the fact that they are still owned, slaves?”

Another point was that watching “The Matrix” movies again might be a good idea – “Q” now alluding to the reality that the “normies” should probably familiarise themselves with now in order to grasp the truth of the delusion/illusion that they are so accustomed to “living” in, and that that is what MR T & Team and the anons are trying to reveal and show!

Some good advice…


Another point that Dr Corsi made clear is that the Pedophilia/Trafficking and ALL that that MEANS will UNITE the people AGAINST the elites, REGARDLESS of any other political or other persuasions. HE MADE IT CLEAR THAT IT IS THE RULE OF THE EVIL, WHO HAVE RULED FOR SO LONG, THAT IS NOW BEING CHALLENGED AND ATTACKED BY THE FORCES OF GOOD (CHRISTIAN) ON BEHALF OF MANKIND AND THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN (WHO ARE THE FUTURE)!



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