You’d BETTER believe it!…

The latest “Q” drops and “news” events of Feb 14th – I have never seen such ACCURATE accounting – the most REAL TIME yet – “go codes” given!

Watch the following with discretion (your body will tremble with shock and horror)!

And if you thought everything was “just a US problem” and that nothing is connected…

Time to wake up (If you are not already)!

On that point something amazing happened to me just this morning, perhaps to illustrate this point…

I was asleep, and a voice said “It’s 6:40” (am) and the indication was that I was to wake up. I looked at the clock, and it was 6:40!

Go figure, but to me (and this happens A LOT) it was an indication that I am “right on time”, and “on track” as a result!

I have learned to heed the “still, small voice” and it has served me well, even saving my life at critical moments!


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