The More I learn…

…from monitoring the world and its ways, the more I learn the truth of the scriptures…

“For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

And “As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one” – Romans 3:10

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A Voice In Your Ear…

There has been a series on TV just lately that is quite captivating.

Different people facing various personal difficulties are provided with unseen help – voices through a hidden ear-piece!

These voices are from different people, from different places, backgrounds and experiences around the world. The people needing help can’t see them, but “the sages” are watching them via cameras and “chime in” with advice, counsel, prompts and suggestions when they see the subject struggling with their situation.

Others involved around those being helped are not aware of the “secret” help that is being given to the subject, yet the help provided affects everyone in very uplifting ways. There is the “ripple effect” and all benefit. The subject having to face the problem actually becomes the key to helping those around them as well. It works and it is beautiful to watch.

The subject never sees or meets their “helpers”, but just a few simple verbal interventions of practical tips, with lots of encouragement, coming from hearts that care and want to help, while they are watching objectively from a distance, and lives are transformed!

The subjects don’t “take it personally” or get offended when the helpers suggest things to them because they don’t “know” the helpers. However they exhibit trust in them and just follow counsel as it is provided, usually right away though sometimes “tactics” are “adjusted” by the helpers a little if needed, if they see the subject struggling. Each of the helpers (there are several of them) has a different area of expertise and contributes their part, as and when needed and with whatever best suits the situation at the moment.

The subjects see the fruits and rewards of the help from the helpers, usually immediately, and are very appreciative and thankful. The advice they receive is like the launchpad to a better life for the future. Lessons learned can be continued after getting through the obstacles that were preventing them from moving happily forward.

If you watch the program you understand that it is quite a production. Cameras everywhere, internet coordination, etc. The viewer will probably think “What a great idea! I wish I could get help like that!”

Well, believe it or not, everyone can. Anybody, anywhere, in any situation, can have immediate guidance and help!

You just have to ask for it!

The subjects in the program described above benefitted from help provided by ordinary people, utilising technology. But what if your “source” of personal communication was “supernatural”, “miraculous”!? What if your “helpers” were “angelic”, “spiritual”!? What if you had that help “instantly” and “constantly”, not just for a brief moment or two as part of a televised experiment?

How would life be like then!?

I can personally testify that that is exactly what life has been for me since I was 17 years old! It all started when I received Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and it is a gift that is freely available for everyone, you just have to accept the gift!

Happy Easter dear All! 😍

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A Beautiful Thought…

…concerning Easter crossed my desk yesterday…(by Irena Zabickova)

The other day I got caught with my proverbial pants down. I had started complaining about something, and God exposed it right as I voiced it, and revealed my negativity and lack of faith. Right at the moment when I was fuming about an issue that I hadn’t been looking at from His perspective, God turned the tapestry around and let those who heard my complaints see the perfect design He was working on. I stood there speechless, my feelings having a boxing match inside of me. Which one would win?—Humility and admission of my mistake, or my pride and some logically reasoned-out excuse?

And then a verse popped into my mind: “Nor grumble, as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer.”

I wondered if God was trying to prepare me for an upcoming chastisement of some sort, but instead, a sweet soft voice spoke to my mind in answer to my question:

“No. I didn’t remind you of this verse to punish you.”

“So what then? What is the difference between me and the Hebrews in the wilderness?”

The answer came clear and wrapped in humble love:

“The difference is My death—the fact that I died for your sins long after the wilderness story was over and long before your life on earth began. When I died for you, I provided you with the gift of salvation. I paid for your sins long before they were committed. So now you don’t need to pay for them. I already did.”

That is the difference. Easter is the difference. Easter was the bill-paying time.

“Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand that the gift of My death on the cross has paid for their past, present, and future sins. Some people think they are forgiven for what they did in the past but they feel they still need to be punished for their present errors. But I want you to understand that My payment is done, once and for all, and no further payment is needed, all because of Easter.”

“So Happy Easter! May it be a reminder of My love. I died for you and was raised victorious from the grave on Easter. Your sins are forgiven, washed clean by My blood, which I freely shed for you!”

“For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.”—1 Thessalonians 5:9

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