Fascinating! – Just Watch! (Then Decide)

Before viewing here is a preface…

God takes people where they’re at, and not everyone is the same or in the same “place”. This is why “the message” is not the same for everyone, but what they need to know for themselves personally, as explained in “The Matrix” movie.

However, SOME events ARE or WILL BE common to ALL, as is brought out in this video.

I see (hear) nothing in this video that does not fall in-line with Scripture, nor with prophetic dreams and visions already received by many. “God” and “Jesus” are not covered extensively in these accounts at all, though clearly a Christian was referring to Jesus in one of the accounts.

Also the “timing” could be questionable, BUT in the spirit world “time” is irrelevant, or does not exist as we know it. (Remember, there are many references to “5D” here, whereas “time” is the 4th dimension, so this is all “spiritual”).

In my opinion, God IS PREPARING EVERYONE FOR HIS RETURN! He said “I will pour My Spirit out upon ALL flesh”, and in these accounts He is clearly doing so, on levels that each can relate to. This shows how GREAT His Love is, don’t you think? “His mercy endureth forever”.

Everyone has their “place”, and this is determined by their choices, decisions, what they have allowed themselves to be capable of receiving. “Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best!” Go for “The Best”, Jesus, The Creator, and you’ll GET the best!

These accounts certainly sound like portrayals of The Millennium, which is absolutely soon to arrive.

Jesus’ return before this begins is very vividly described in Scripture, so I don’t know how the “wave of light” fits. However, with what is going on RIGHT NOW in this world perhaps THIS is the “wave of light” – where people are being “woken up” to the evil that has been going on for so long by the powers that be!? It seems to me that this HAS to happen, to allow for the people to make a clear decision as to where they will decide their place in things will be, or they will be REVEALED to those around them where they belong!?

The VAST MAJORITY certainly have a place in the world to come!

Anyway, as stated above “just watch”. It might help you to decide where you would LIKE to be in the future! TAKE JESUS and you will KNOW!

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