Massive Dot-Connecting!…

Methinks this dear lady might be an INFJ.

And about this “Russia” stuff…

AMAZING the rhetoric blasted out of the U.K. parliament just recently! A few things glaringly obvious however are…

Besides NO PROOF (sounds like the same anti-Trump tactics in the US), there is NO MOTIVE for “Russia” to do such a thing!

The name of “the toxin” allegedly used is 50 years old, Soviet Era technology that Russia destroyed a long time ago!


Russia has called May’s bluff! What will she do now? (“Strong and stable leadership!” ???) the U.K. government IS COMMITTED to the globalist agenda, which RUSSIA IS NOT! NOW, realising they bit off a big chew that they can’t swallow, they “are calling on the international community to support them in their fight against this attack” blah, blah, blah!!!

False flag anyone? WHY? Hmmm!

Now May has to try to put the teeth into her threats, one of which could be to ban RT. HOWEVER the Russians have made it VERY clear that they will NOT comply with NOR tolerate such bullying, especially when they haven’t done anything! (They have demanded that the U.K. COMPLY WITH ALREADY ESTABLISHED INTERNATIONAL LAW REGARDING SUCH INCIDENCES AND CLAIMS!) One of Russia’s responses would be to BAN ALL U.K. MEDIA IN RUSSIA! (YES! JUST DO IT! – The West’s media has tried, many times and unsuccessfully, to attack Mr Putin directly, in public, and in his own country!). Just imagine if a Russian journalist was granted (they never have been) a personal interview or public questioning of the U.K. PM and then attacked him/her in the same way (put Cathy Newman onto it, or one of the BEEBs attack dogs, which would NEVER happen of course, being complicit), the msm would cry “foul”! It just goes to show HOW OPEN Mr Putin has been! He answers questions directly and with facts, unlike the U.K. PM who evades and avoids direct questions, on everything (basically BSs the public). By the way, Russia never comments nor gets involved in the “politics” of other nations – they are simply not interested and are too busy trying to take care of their own people and country! Who do YOU believe is more credible? Who do YOU trust to be honest?

One lie can never stand alone! So, proven liars will ALWAYS HAVE to lie, because otherwise ALL of their BS will be seen and proven to be so!

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