The UK’s so-called “Prime Minister” and “Foreign Secretary” should not only be ashamed of themselves, but should also apologise for such demented levels of unprofessional disrespect for elected leaders of foreign nations!

That they think that they can get away with such a public display of slander and libel on the scale that they have so far, without anyone noticing, is beyond sane reason!

They have proven themselves far from “strong and stable”, but to be weak, foolish and dangerous!

Time to go, before people die at their hands, as so many have in so many countries where the leadership of those countries were branded with similar names, “titles” and rhetoric, which also came to be proven untrue, false allegations!

They have exposed themselves as totally reprehensible, and they have a lot to answer for!


And HERE is the “person” that some said they wanted to BE “with” (thank God America dodged THAT bullet!)…

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