INFJ Understanding…

…for those who may have wondered…this is a pretty straightforward explanation of who you are interacting with when with “yours truly”.

And here are some pearls of wisdom from “the man himself”, Carl Jung…

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Watch and learn! “Trust the plan!” 5D Chess! Brilliant/Genius! “These people are stupid!” (Remember, the generals had a plan 3 YEARS BEFORE asking MR T to step up! Why DID he? – Look at the DIFFERENCE in the world after such a short time! He and they have come good on EVERYTHING he has said so far, and the usual suspects are soiling their underwear! “Nobody expects the Inquisition!” 😂 ) They scream and shout and threaten and throw hissy-fits and they STILL go down!

IMPORTANT POINT: If you want to prosecute the black hats you have to have white hat prosecutors! The problem has ALWAYS been that they have ALWAYS had black hat prosecutors protecting their own, each other! Now they can’t anymore! The White House has been cleaned, and now the Justice Department is being cleaned! Congress is being cleaned! Corporate elitists are being cleaned! (Resignations) Pedophilia and trafficking is being cleaned. CIA ops abroad are being cleaned. All the bad actors are being exposed, and more and more publicly!

This is no small thing, and you don’t get to pull something like this off without some brains, all pooling/pulling together!

Here are some of the guys on Trump’s team!… (“Semper fi”)

Don’t be deceived, the marines are MORE than “a tough bunch”!


Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a US Marine in London. His assignment was guarding the US Embassy. He was short, red-haired, in his early twenties and built like a humvee. He was the most mild-mannered, soft-spoken and polite American I had met up until that time. I understood that marine training was extremely highly disciplined and was curious to know how far that went, so I asked him what he would do if I, being a friend, would attack the Embassy for some reason? “I would kill you!” was his answer, “I wouldn’t even think about it!”. He said it with the same charming smile I had come to know him to have, and he indicated that he could do it without even having to use any weapon!

Yep! Don’t mess with the Marines! Oh, and they are the one branch of the military that the President has EXTRA judicial command over.


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Wrapping Up!

NOTE: Although each of these folks basically cover the same posts, each has a personal insight and/or understanding or knowledge that helps make the picture even clearer. So, it is WORTH going through them all in order to glean some VERY juiced tidbits that complete the analysis even more. Some of the best comments can come at the very end, conclusions. It takes time, but it is worth it. More and more people are monitoring and commenting on these history-making events. More people are aware than the mainstream would have you believe. Personally I am amazed at how very often these folks CONFIRM conclusions I have ALREADY considered myself. If we are willing to use our God-given brains, something that used to be called “common-sense”, we will be less likely to swallow the BS. PLUS, if we belong to the Truth we will have the added advantage of discernment. Faith in the Truth provides the fuel for discernment. Truth, Faith & Love are synonymous with each other. I am impressed with how many of these folks are professing Christians advocate prayer, pray, and bless!

Who’s side are YOU on?

COMMENT: When you consider the sheer scale of the collusion and corruption (globally as well) that MR T & Team have taken on is it any wonder that nothing happens “overnight”? Just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” neither can it be dismantled in a day, and being dismantled it is, maybe “slowly” but extremely efficiently! Remember the “building” has been going on longer than can be imagined, and all secretly, but is now being exposed, being dragged into the light, setting people free! This is no small thing and has never been done before, to the extent that it is now, and successfully so far! It’s something to appreciate because the population has never been this red-pilled before! Even if we never see the much desired “perp walks of shame” their “power” and structure is being destroyed! This is an ENORMOUS undertaking, a literal war of good against evil! Evil has had ALL the power until now, but is now losing it, piece by piece, bit by bit!

For those with a short attention span (memory) here is some (recent) history and an example of how things are built up/upon in an ongoing battle/war (what we are up against)… AND ALL THIS IS NOT THAT LONG AGO. Considering it ALL it’s amazing how far AHEAD in the game and how much HAS been accomplished in such a SHORT time by the White Hats! (And all while running a country and effecting fundamental change and a reversal of all the damage the usual suspects have done, for so long!) Whew!


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