“Back with a vengeance”…(UPDATED BELOW)

Make of it what you will…

NOTE: ETS STILL promotes DJT & “Q”, and still seems to have an inside knowledge of stuff. Whether to “believe” or “follow” is just like everything/everybody else – “make of it what you will”. A couple of points to keep in mind…

First – Nothing ETS has posted has been false, except perhaps his exuberance led to a false assumption (re JA). Even in this case “Q” has stated “JA matters”, therefore JA is STILL in the mix somewhere. Certainly his “revelation” would nix EVERYTHING as far as the msm/world narrative is concerned. Perhaps he is still being held “in reserve” for something to take place in the future? IF JA is still in the mix, keeping him “secret” HAS to be significantly important. Two points to keep in mind on this – SOMETHING happened regarding him in December, and NOTHING has been seen or heard from him at the Embassy since, REGARDLESS of how/whatever has been said/staged by either side.

Second – IF ETS is who he has said he is (close to everything as an NSA asset) and was FALSE I’m pretty sure one of two things would have happened… Either he would be VERY exposed, or he would be neutralised in some way. – Perhaps as “a naughty boy” it is understood that his efforts were/are well meaning and are still allowed because they serve a useful/helpful purpose? If he is NOT who he says he is, then he STILL serves a useful purpose, much as the enemies do – they “dig their own graves” by being obviously in opposition. “Q” always lets them expose themselves, not getting directly involved in every little spat, knowing that “these people are stupid”, and staying a level ABOVE the level they fight on. – MR T & “Q” are extremely focused in this way, many steps ahead with “intelligence”, while playing “5D chess”.

Nothing has changed with “Q” or “The Plan”, and ETS is still publicly supporting POTUS & “Q”, with affection.

Very good scriptures to keep in mind are from The Book of Proverbs…

Psa 118:8  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Psa 118:9  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

And this means ANY man or woman! EVERYONE is human, falls short, makes mistakes, is in error at some point, and is NOT PERFECT!

I prefer to look at THE HEART of any individual, and as long as they are genuinely sincere, doing their best, they will always have a “second chance” with me if they see their error, determine to to do better, “fix” it if they can (or plead mercy), pick themselves up and rejoin the fight. Falls and failures are humbling, but good for the soul. It happens to ALL of us. It is OUR OWN PRIDE to expect “perfection” from ANY individual! We are ALL “in the same boat”, any who “thank God I am not like THIS man” are DECEIVING THEMSELVES!

People who genuinely acknowledge God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, promote prayer and God’s Word as supreme KNOW these things, and therefore are more trustworthy than the usual liars! Even those who do NOT know Him YET and express LOVE to their fellow man are going to be on better footing than the usual suspects.

However, bear in mind that the FIRST commandment is to love GOD, THEN our neighbour as ourselves! It’s a two-fold contract, with promises attached! Even our own “best efforts” WILL fall short of what is really needed – the Love of God. Plug in to the Source, and THEN you have the power! Simple!

AND…”It’s over!”… (whether “good” or “bad”)

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