Latest “Q” and more…(updated at bottom!)

Hacked? – Considering how PRO MR T & “Q” he was (and still is apparently) it is HIGHLY likely, and that was my first thought. (Remember who owns Twitter, and who has been personally attacked by ETS on his own platform!).

Remember, he never gave actual intel, only personal commentary. Note that the language (and emoji use) has been modified. Personally, when I have found myself massively attacked with regards to my personal integrity I tend to get real serious and less emotional, making sure I am absolutely clear and cannot be misinterpreted and misrepresented, which leads to a modification of my presentation on anything.

As Stroppy says “for entertainment purposes”. ETS is STILL supportive here, as opposed to those who are actively speaking against “Q” and seeking to divide, and WHY DO they by the way? Here’s my “thinking logically” deduction…

Most of the detractors of “Q” still “appear” to be “fans/supporters” of MR T, while dissing “Q”. Result? It creates DIVISION between MR T & “Q” in the public’s mind! “You can trust MR T, but not “Q””. MR T is the figurehead, the public representation, and now in the public political arena and subject to all the “opinion” expressed by any and all (almost all negative – “politics”). Realistically, like all others, he could be “here today and gone tomorrow” (and the political and msm charade goes on = status quo). HOWEVER…

Nobody knows “who” “Q” is, therefore they are NOT accountable to the public, BUT they are CLEARLY the behind the scenes INTELLIGENCE of all that is happening, so if you can SEPARATE “Q” from MR T, all you have left is “The President”, and “Presidents” “come and go”, one way or the other.

Most people don’t believe that anything WILL change, regardless of how “good” or “bad” any “leader” is. But the “intelligence”, the people WHO KNOW and have been in place from BEFORE MR T stepped up (upon request FROM “the intelligence”), are NOT “political” NOR elected, so “they” will STILL exist regardless, and it is THIS entity that is fighting for TRUTH and FREEDOM AGAINST the elite cabal, the lie!

MR T has answered the call and stepped up to the plate to do his part, and has personally committed himself to do so, but he is not “permanent”. “Q”, the INTELLIGENCE, you could say “the brains” of the outfit (not detracting from MR T’s genius at all) will STILL be there, even if MR T doesn’t get to finish his part for whatever reason!

So, “who” do you try to “kill” in any war? – THE (actual) LEADERSHIP! (FIRST!)

The elite cabal have been in existence, with little or no opposition, “forever”, but NOW they are aware of an entity that is ACTIVELY attacking, exposing, and dismantling their modus operandi, using the public persona of an iconoclast (MR T). Even IF they are able to get rid of POTUS (one way or another), “Q” will STILL exist, and since they can’t get a handle on it they have to try to destroy it somehow, and the usual method, if you can’t “find” it to do so physically, is to try to discredit THE IDEA, while at the same time sowing DIVISION between those who are working together, SEPARATING the “followers” from their source of information = isolation!

The thing is (which is why they are “stupid”) is that you cannot “kill” an IDEA! You can only try to kill those who adhere to the idea (so there are no people left to fight against you) which is EXACTLY how the elites do things!

If “the hit dogs are howling” then “Q” MUST be on the right track and doing something RIGHT, EXPOSING the TRUTH, which sets the people FREE, the very LAST thing the elites want! And ANYONE who is in the fight, for the right, is going to be ATTACKED ALSO!

In trench warfare the enemy only starts firing when you stick your head up and try to go over the top and advance. In the air you only get flack when you are over the target.

So, you only have to look at those doing the public attacking, screaming and yelling, to know who your enemies are, the guilty! They wouldn’t be screaming and yelling otherwise, if they were, as they protest, “innocent”!

By the way, the EVIDENCE IS SO APPARENT ALREADY, SO MANY TIMES OVER! The usual suspects however are behaving like the kid who got caught but swears up and down that “they didn’t do it”, “it was so and so”! And/or are hoping that with enough distraction and passing time “everyone will forget about it” and nothing will happen to them. As HRC famously stated in a Congressional Hearing “what difference does it make?” (Talk about DELUSIONAL! = INSANE! A PSYCHOPATHIC LIAR!)

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