“Ancient Civilisations”…

…beware of.

More evidence and example of “the father of lies” at work – you can’t trust ANYTHING he or his minions say! Stick to the Source that you CAN trust – THE Way, THE truth, and THE Life!

Some of Satan’s top liars listed here…

And his followers are so childish in their ridicule. These tactics especially appeal to “low IQ” types particularly, you know, the ones who actually believe the msm.

Some follow up on a previous post from Stroppy (note repeated references to “The Royal Commission” – “Royal” – THAT should tell you how “high up” (pits of hell LOW) this all goes! By the way, which countries are “the five eyes”? Get it yet?

And for your reference… (And you wonder why MR T & “Q” are so attacked? – They are taking on, head on, the pedophile elites! – Just wait until the general populace find out who they have been slaves under and what these demons do to the innocents!!!)

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