Did you know?…(Updated – more at bottom)

…that DisMay and her “government” are bombing a foreign nation ILLEGALLY i.e. without ANYONE’S permission?


…and that she is DESTROYING the NHS (on purpose)…


While STILL lying about the BREXIT BS… (she hasn’t “negotiated” ANY “deals” with ANYBODY! – She’s ONLY been told “how it’s going to be” by the “the powers that be” in Europe, in-line with the planned new world order of the global elites!)




What the Brits (WHO VOTED TO LEAVE) are NOT being told is that THEY WILL STILL HAVE TO COMPLY WITH EXISTING EU LAWS AND REGULATIONS, but WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO VOTE ON THEM (nobody is ever allowed to anyway, so nothing different there!). The whole idea of “leave” was to GET OUT of unelected foreign officials (German and French mostly) DICTATING policy and controls of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in Europe (dictatorship)! 500 MILLION PEOPLE across 28 sovereign states ruled by a handful of bEUROcRATS!

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