A life of it’s own…

…is the MESSAGE, NOT “the messenger”! Yay!

People are fed up with BS (at last)! The POTUS hit the nail firmly and squarely on the head, summing it up for all those who felt like they didn’t have a voice that would be heard. Now it has gathered momentum and taken on a life of its own, and it can’t be stopped! The more the msm protest (as well as all the other usual suspects) the more they expose themselves! = FAIL!

(Note: There is nothing more sexy than an intelligent woman who has a heart and is absolutely charming in her communication. Most of these types smile a lot, and that is so beautiful, making them even prettier!)

And here’s just one example of a “celebrity” who is “walking away” from the BS… (Note the typical BBC cynicism and sarcasm from the usual BBC “journalist” – she is definitely NOT “sexy”, attractive, nor “intelligent”! What a contrast!)

And about that “BREXIT” thing… (Note: FIVE members of DisMay’s cabinet and staff have resigned now over her complete selling out of the U.K. to the EU!)

And it’s global!…

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