It’s NOT a “phobia”…

…when you are saying the truth, about anything!

“Phobia” means “fear of”. People who speak up FOR THE TRUTH have a fear of NOT speaking up – that’s the ONLY “phobia” they might have!

The ones SCREAMING “phobia” have their OWN fear – that of being found out to be LYING!

There is only ONE Truth, and you can read it for yourself! It covers EVERYTHING!

SO, if “they”, WHOEVER, speak AGAINST the Truth – THEY ARE LYING, TO YOU!

(Why would anyone listen, let alone believe, a liar??? Er, DUH!)

Remember, if it’s “politically correct” it will be morally wrong!

Read George Orwell’s 1984!

(Dear Polly, “will you marry me?”… 😘)

Watch a liar trying to get out of having to squirm…


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