Too many coincidences!

By the way, I just watched a 2017 film with Liam Neeson about the FBI man “Mark Felt”, credited with being the “deep throat” of the 1972 “Watergate” incident.

Two things – it was an incredible account of an honest man navigating his way through the swamp. This film should be viewed, even just for an exposure of how the swamp has always worked. Very enlightening. It also shows how difficult it is for good men to operate in corrupt situations and what it usually costs them, one way or another. Mark was a man who KNEW what he was up against, and what it all meant, and made very difficult decisions to see that right succeeded where everything was wrong.

I also wondered “who made this movie, why, and why now?”

If you are like me, you will probably see what I explained above. However, it could also be interpreted as a slam against the Republican Party (and by inference the current POTUS), BUT for the fact that the swamp is a separate, corrupt OVERARCHING of BOTH “parties” and just about everything else, ensuring continuity of their plan for the “NWO”, and their “players” are ONLY for themselves in power and control!

So, FORGET ABOUT “party politics” – it is ALL about WHAT is right, NOT “WHO”! Otherwise you can be easily distracted by their “divide and conquer” tactics and end up chasing your own tail to nowhere!

Maybe, but does it really matter, as long as the job gets done (and it IS getting done!)…

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