How much patience is required?

HINT: Even God Himself doesn’t execute judgment hastily! He waits until their “cup of iniquity is full”, until there is no way out and the wicked cannot argue “unfair”, because they have convicted themselves, and everyone knows it. Then His judgment is seen and acknowledged to be just, even by the wicked themselves.

Why is this a good method? Think of a wayward child who has LOVING parents…

ANY parent who insists that they are right and requires obedience might get it from their child, until they are “of age” to do their own thing. Then…? Well, that’s up to the (now) adult, and parents will hope that they have done their best.

With the wayward (to any degree and in whatever manner) who insist on their own way they “have to learn the hard way”. Some take an awful long time, even to death, but restoration to love and truth ONLY comes when they are personally CONVINCED that they were wrong. In effect they are shamed into it, and they beg forgiveness.

This principle is critical to true repentance, on any level.

Here’s “the hard part” for us as mere men and women who are watching…

“We want justice!” and “we want it now!”, whereas God is ALWAYS looking at EVERYONE’S HEARTS (INCLUDING ours) and because He knows “past, present, and future” (Remember, we live in “time” and “space”. He doesn’t) He knows when, and the best way to bring about EVERY individual’s repentance, so they can be reconciled!

“Eternity is a long time”, and He is not finished with us when we “die”! This is the enormity and beauty of it all. He doesn’t plan on losing ANYONE He has created!

This seems a bit “tough” for us, if we consider ourselves to be “good” when someone else is (obviously) “bad”. But remember “there is NONE righteous”, and we have to be careful of being SELF-righteous, which is PRIDE, the thing that God hates the most, BECAUSE THAT is what separates us from Him in the FIRST place!

There is NO DOUBT that evil exists and that there are wicked people doing wicked things, horrendous things, and some of the MOST self-righteous are those who are COMMITTING these crimes against humanity, while serving their master, the devil (or having US serve him, for them)!

In order to stop, limit or prevent them from continuing to do so it may be necessary to curtail their lives in order to save more. Even God ordered “capital punishment” for this purpose, and carried it out Himself on several occasions!

HOWEVER, we are instructed to “judge righteous judgment”, and we can ONLY do that when we follow HIS lead and instruction, not “leaning to our own understanding”.

“What goes around comes around”, “we reap what we sow”, and “Truth will always out” (eventually). Of these things we can be certain!

“What can we do?” – We can PRAY, and we can TRUST, and IF we are required to ACT we can follow God’s lead. THEN we can know that we are right!

However, if WE “take matters into our own hands” then WE may become guilty of things that we do NOT want to be held accountable for!

It’s a deep subject, and I have probably said too much on it here, but I hope you get the gist, the spirit of it?

(NOTE: I am including a video at the bottom of this post. I love this guy and I recommend him and his compatriot Serial Brain 2. The clip is a perfect example of the spiritual warfare we are engaged in, and why. Why it exists, and why we must fight. Enjoy.)

In the meantime…

Here’s a clip of MR T and the queeeeee (just watch – see if you see what I see)…

And about that “Brexit” thing… (you won’t get THIS version via the msm!)

From “The War Drummer”…

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