THIS is how BRAIN-DEAD the U.K. “government” is…

…typically proving they have NO FEELINGS THEMSELVES!

“A RIGHTEOUS man REGARDETH the LIFE of his beast” (The Bible)

Do YOU trust them?

By the way, do you not wonder WHY the U.K. IS NOT BLESSED, in so many areas and in so many ways, not just by the rest of the world, but even by God Himself (in spite of all the lying hype of the usual msm culprits)?

Hint: “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil” (The Bible)

A practical example… (A metaphor – Take it or leave it)

It was easy for the England football team to beat the “little guys” in the World Cup (though not as easy as they thought). But then when they play the “bigger” international teams they lack the things needed to win, while their opponents HAVE those skills, in spades! Why?

Well here’s a thought…

A HUGE percentage of the “bigger” “international” team’s players PLAY FOR TEAMS IN THE U.K. PREMIER LEAGUE. So often the U.K. side find themselves playing AGAINST THEIR OWN TEAMMATES from the U.K. league!

But here’s the point – “professional sport” is a BUSINESS! It’s ALL about the MONEY!

So, HOW CAN ANY INDIVIDUAL DEVOTE THEMSELVES to a “national”/”international” anything? Especially when the HIGHER PAID (for their better skills) players are NOT from the U.K., YET THEY PLAY AND EARN THEIR SALARIES in the U.K.

POINT? – The U.K. will NEVER be able to produce home-grown talent to COMPETE! And remember THIS IS A METAPHOR = THINK “BREXIT”!!”

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