“Silence Is Golden”!…

Following is an explanation of the press conference given by MR T & MR P after their summit – for those who might have “missed” it for whatever reason.

NOTE: “Q” said that July would be the month that THE WORLD WILL KNOW what is happening (words to that effect). What the heck does the world THINK JUST HAPPENED??? These two men, TOGETHER, have brought knowledge to the world, PUBLICLY, of the shenanigans of the usual suspects!!! And THIS is going to dramatically affect the exposure of the deep state in the US, which will then spread around the world, starting with the U.K. and Europe!!! IT HAS ALREADY BEGUN WITH MR T’s trip!!! YAY!!!

IS IT ANY WONDER WHY THE GLOBALISTS AND THEIR MINIONS ARE FREAKING OUT??? They SHOULD be! – They KNEW that MR P would confirm that all the BS they were trying to spin about “collusion” would be exposed. In contrast MR P actually exposed that OTHERS were ACTUALLY guilty of things in line with “collusion”! The Demonrats in the US were already telling the POTUS, prior to his meeting with MR P, “don’t meet with Putin alone in private, without other Americans present”. (Wonder why?) Did he listen? (Did you think he ever would?)

“Good” or “bad” the POTUS KNOWS he is the Boss, and “the world” is beginning to find that out! Their “political correctness” is being torn to shreds, while he is “off to save the world” as he said before leaving for this trip!

When he gets back to the US they are going to be s******g their pants, and “the media” is going to go down with them!

And THIS is what Facebook banned! – Shows where FakeBook is at, huh?…


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