No Holds Barred!

Telling it like it is!

In contrast…

The media in the US, UK et al?… Phoney! Fake! & False!

As are MR T’s “political” opponents!… They have NOTHING to offer the American people – NOTHING!

NOTE: If the Demonrats win control of the House and the Senate with the “mid-term elections” you can pretty much kiss “The USA” goodbye, and Killery & Obummer & their ilk will be back! – ALL of whom have ALREADY been PROVEN to be CRIMINALS, and WORSE, and SHOULD be in prison already, awaiting justice! Close on their heels should be the msm, “social media” technocrats, and the “entertainment” industry!

Personally, I’m sick and tired of all the BS from “all of the above”! (same ol’ same ol’)

Please God, drop the hammer on them all, via MR T because he’s the only one with the authority who CAN, and if he can’t or won’t or the people vote for the “status quo” then it’s “game over” for the US AND the rest of the world! The elite cabal WILL have won! IF this happens then…?

THIS is what the usual suspects DON’T want the people to know! THIS is what they are GUILTY of and want to DISTRACT the public’s attention from! “Remember who the REAL enemy IS!”

“The whole world is watching!”? – You betcha!

Here’s a “theme song” “Q” has shared…

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“You said nothing…….!”

And now “social media” are making sure that MR T and the rest of us get to “say nothing” through their censorship!

NOTE: As stated previously, I’m refraining from commenting or posting too many items now that repeat the same material. I like Stroppy’s posts because he is geographically first, and he doesn’t comment too much, nor make things too long. By now we should be able to interpret and understand for ourselves what “Q” is saying, and we should also understand that all other material on the net is only supplementary. We must stay focused, like a laser beam, not scattered. Any note-worthy news from CREDIBLE sources will only CONFIRM what we ALREADY know “straight from the horses mouth”, so we can “enjoy the show”.

One thing I will comment on however…

As stated previously, I am all for the exposure and dismantling of “the deep state” and the nefarious, Satanic, globalist, elite NWO, and I believe that MR T, “Q” & team are committed to this end and doing EXCELLENTLY, if you consider who and what they have taken on!

However, and it remains to be seen how everything will actually play out, Biblical Prophecy WILL be fulfilled, and it is VERY CLEAR in TWO VERY SPECIFIC aspects…

We read of “a beast”, a final “beast”, that appears to come from the West (my interpretation), overcoming all the previous “beasts” (global empires) and their remnants (today) that came before it, AND we read of the destruction of “Babylon, the Great Whore”, which most Bible scholars believe to be the U.S. and seems to take place towards the very end of all things.

“Make of it what you will”

I believe that what has transpired with the result of the US presidential election of 2016 has provided a “stay of execution” in the overall scheme of things, and I pray it succeeds, I really do. But “let’s see”!

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We are in the middle of the “big week ahead”, so “Q” is dropping LOADS of info…

“Make of it what you will” but there are plenty of folks who can offer opinions that will help. You can/should also do your own homework, “Think for yourself”/”Think logically”, and remember this most of all – THE MSM IS YOUR ENEMY, THE MOUTHPIECES OF THOSE WHO WANT TO KEEP YOU ENSLAVED, THE ELITES!

“Remember who the real enemy is!”

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the above “Q” makes it VERY CLEAR when THEY consider the job is done = “when they are d**d”! “Q” is NOT messing around!

Also it should be noted that “Q” has A GLOBAL FOLLOWING!



And if you don’t know about “The Insignia Project” you SHOULD. Go back to Stroppy’s previous posts and prepare to have your mind blown as to “who’s who” and “what they do”. The sheer scale of the numbers involved will leave you reeling! (THIS is how and why they are able to “finance” their global domination!)

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