Hey, hey, no I’m never comin’ down!…(Updated)

Walk Off The Earth… (Watch their awesome videos on their YouTube channel – Brilliant stuff!)

Someone said about this little lady that “she’s not just a drummer, she’s a percussionist”, and it’s true…

Another example… (there are LOADS more)

Young Indie musicians – give hope for the future!

And here is one of the greatest cover bands I have ever seen/heard, singing one of the most difficult songs ever to perform… (everything they do is pitch perfect)

Foxes and Fossils = TIGHT! (The foxes are in the front, fossils at the rear! 😄) This band has a HUGE fan base by the way!

If they could do this for me that would be great! 😂 …

Bonus tracks…

Have a fun Sunday people 👍🏻😉😊

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SAY SO!…(Updated)


“Shutdown coming”!….



And in ANY case…

A prophet foretold that a woman would fill the final position on the Supreme Court, replacing the decrepit RBG! Er, YAY! Either of the two women proposed here would be GREAT!


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Low And Dirty!

COMMENT: After the debacle (“dog and pony show”/”circus”) for the nominee for the Supreme Court Justice position, MR T was before the press and was asked for his reaction. He appeared to me to be very laid back, almost unconcerned. Understanding how he and “Q” are always ten steps ahead of everything I cannot believe that they are not on top of the whole thing. Remember, he has military intelligence behind him, and they “have it all”! So… “Moves and counter-moves” have the usual suspects chasing their tails and exposing themselves all over the place and all the time! – If anything, the public MUST arrive at the conclusion that “two party politics” is a waste of time, lives and money, as “politicians” (most of them) are NOT there to serve the people, only themselves (lining their own pockets, while attaining and trying to retain “power”)!

ALSO, have you noticed how most, if not ALL of the “politicians” ARE “LAWYERS” !?

“The Law is an ass”/donkey – Which Just happens to be the DemonRats symbol! – In other words full of 💩! There’s LOTS of symbolism in that actually – “dumbass”, always “braying”, “stubborn”, “won’t move”! – Whereas MR T and the generals ARE NOT! – They are “executives”/executioners! The Republican symbol is an elephant – slow, ponderous, family oriented, protective, wise, compassionate and empathetic! (AND “they never forget” – think JFK!)



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