Absolutely Right!

It is not politically/socially “correct” to start life “young” these days, whereas our ancestral generations ONLY started life young. They had no choice, it was a survival thing! In fact, EVERYONE starts out “young”, from even before birth!

“Who” tells us “you’re too young!”? – “Too young” for WHAT?

Were child prodigy’s of the likes of Mozart “too young” to write or play music?

HOW do you learn or develop social skills if you NEVER START, or you put it off “until you’re old enough”? If you DON’T START YOUNG you REMAIN “a child”, REGARDLESS of “age”. In Biblical times children became adults at around 12 – 13 (puberty). They weren’t expected to “know everything”, but they were afforded the title of “man” or “woman”. THINK about that! And physically/biologically they could even have children! Think about THAT! Did God make a mistake?

We all know and understand that we don’t all age or develop at the same rate, for lots of different reasons, but I can guarantee that some of the wisest people you know are probably the ones who had to start early on life’s journey! In MOST of the world’s cultures and societies life starts young, even from infant-hood amongst the poor!

Some of the strongest tied families and tribes are where generations live together, work together, share the load together, help teach and train the younger ones to become “adult” in their responsibilities, and the earlier the better.

In the wars of recent history young men as young as 16 or 17 were expected to fight and die, many of them never having known a real love, never married, never had children!

I understand that most of today’s generations are NOT prepared for life’s challenges, and there is one simple reason for it – They WEREN’T “prepared” FOR it! It was NEVER EXPECTED of them!

Life’s skills are woefully lacking in this day and age, and one of the major culprits contributing to their demise is “social media”, which is the exact OPPOSITE of being “social”! It SEPARATES people, DIVIDES them from each other, PHYSICALLY! The result is that the adherents end up living vicarious lives in “alternative/virtual reality” which is anything BUT “real”!

This construct has been INTENTIONALLY foisted upon us! Guess WHY!? And BY “WHO”!?

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