There’s nothing more pointless…

…and time-wasting than the msm “reporting” what “celebrities” think, say, or do!

It’s even worse than repeating what lip-flapping politicians think, say, or do, because it distracts from the political BS (which nobody is listening to anyway because the public knows it’s all BS).

“Entertainment” (“bread and circuses”) is a “feel-good” construct, carefully designed to dull you to thinking for yourself!

Best reaction to anything “whoever” thinks, says, or does? = “Who cares?”!

The ONLY people that matter are those NEXT to you, “your neighbour(s)”! – LOVE them, “as yourself”! Start THERE! And you need this advice to help you learn how to be good at it…

“It” starts with US!, NOT “them” (whoever), and THAT is “what makes the world go ’round”!

We spend TOO MUCH of our most VALUABLE personal commodity, TIME, on NOTHING(s), while IGNORING those (and that) who/which are MOST important!

We were created for one purpose alone, to love, and there is a by-product or two that results when we do – children, procreation, replenishing, produce and the production of what we need. THIS is what life is all about!

It is VERY simple, and VERY satisfying!

ALL the REST is “vanity” (empty) “saith the preacher”! (“You can’t take it with you!”).

So, WHAT CAN you “take with you”? – ONLY the “treasure that you lay up for yourself in Heaven”! (Guess!)

“What have you done with your life?” – What MATTERED? What COUNTS?


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