You CAN’T “do business” (compromise) with the devil!…

…he NEVER “fight’s fair”! He’s a LIAR out to DESTROY you, by ALL means possible!

He and his ilk have NO “right” to “free speech”, but the reason God ALLOWS it is because the LESSON is for US! WE have to refuse to listen, allow the devil no voice – to US!

Why does God allow him? – Because there is NO “middle ground” between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lie, and we are EXPECTED to KNOW the difference – OR LEARN it “the easy way” (by believing what we are told BY the Truth), or “the hard way” (by experiencing the RESULT of believing the lie)! GOD allows the process and you could call it “a test” – for US to see who WE choose to believe!

The word “believe” in The Bible is translated from the word for “receive”! And “receiving” is what the woman (the bride of Christ) does when her husband (Christ, the groom) makes love to her! It’s a declaration of trust, which proves love! Get it?


You CAN’T have “a little bit of both” (though that is what the devil would have you to believe – “you shall not surely die”) because the lie is like how rat poison works – it’s mostly “good” stuff, but the tiny bit of poison that kills is almost imperceptible and it gets into the blood-stream and causes internal bleeding (to death) in all the organs!

Truth is NOT “a matter of opinion”, NOR is it “open to interpretation”! It IS an ABSOLUTE! ANYTHING LESS IS COMPROMISE!

THIS is why the DemonRats are losing, because their “house of cards” is built on BS!

You have to understand that the fight is SPIRITUALLY BASED, as is born out in the following…

And it is the PROPONENTS and PROPAGATORS of truth who are ATTACKED! The rest are ALLOWED to “preach” WHATEVER they want!


COMMENT: I personally experienced one of those “dawn raids”, as a result of false allegations made to “the authorities” by someone I only knew of but had nothing to do with, and who tried to get away with lying “anonymously”! – In the end the allegations were proven to be FALSE, and the agents of “the authorities” were forced to APOLOGISE, after being shown to have BROKEN THE LAW THEMSELVES ON 13 COUNTS, TRYING to “prove” things that weren’t true at all!

Sound familiar?

And here’s (another) example of how words are twisted and become lies…

Stick with truth always, and retain your own personal credibility!

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” (Proverbs of Solomon – The Bible)

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