“Red Tsunami Incoming!”…

“A strong man, armed, keeps his goods in peace”!

The facts on the issue…

And now ICE CREAM is political! 🤪 … (the mad-house being run by the inmates!)

Every one who has engaged in “politicising”anything outside of the politics itself HAS LOST REVENUE! The people DON’T LIKE paying for entertainment, or anything else, only to be preached at as to what they should believe or do! And as for the politicians themselves, that is the ONLY reason most of them entered politics – to make themselves rich, and THEY are found out, every time!

But HERE is a good cause… (Because the buyers KNOW what they are buying, and what for – something they DO believe in!)

More “Dems” chicanery… (This should be clear to anyone by now. They have already “lost the argument” simply because THEY DON’T HAVE ONE!)

ANOTHER exposure by Project Veritas (“veritas” = “Truth”) = The DemonRats LIE to get elected, THEN do what they had PLANNED afterwards! In contrast, MR T makes PROMISES, and THEN KEEPS THEM! = INTEGRITY! (The DemonRats have none, but expect the people to vote for them! 🤔🤪)

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