From Larry King…

How do you view the glass?…

It doesn’t matter how the msm report anything, MR T and team are still on course with what they have planned. “Moves and counter-moves” = 4 or 5 D chess – take your pic!

Is “Q” a “larp”? – Hasn’t been so far! Has anything changed? – Nope! “Trust the plan”!

About Sessions (and/or any other posts by “Q”) – Remember, the deep state read the same things “Q” posts as everyone else does. Do you think that “Q” doesn’t know this? Do you think that maybe misdirection has been part of the strategy in order to distract from the real intentions, and that contingencies are already considered and in place? “Every battle is won before it is fought!”

By the way, though the DemonRats have a “statistical” majority in the House, and there have been multiple examples of vote fraud involved in that, their “quality” is not bolstered by their “quantity” but rather demeaned, belittled and weakened (which is obvious). Just look at the young Cortez lady as an example. And the older “leadership” will not be changing the colour of their spots. The usual suspects are not going to change their tactics just because they “won”. They are not going to all of a sudden “play nice” and become “civil”. They still want to get rid of MR T. And MR T is not going to change his mind about draining the swamp!

So, it’s “game on” for real now, and the first “warning shots” have already been fired. However, notice that none of the “big name hitters” who know that they are already under investigation and have their names in sealed indictments have made no comment so far? 🤔 They KNOW that they are not “safe” just because of an election!

I believe it was expected that the House would be “lost” by the Republicans, but when you consider that many/most/if not all of the “RINOs” are now cleared out and replaced with truer people who would be more supportive of POTUS that makes the Republican Party a “leaner meaner machine”. “Quality, not quantity!”

And lets’s remember all the power that MR T STILL has at his disposal, and LEGALLY too! While all the deep state’s “power” is STILL only in rhetoric, and they are STILL howling (because they are still SCARED)!

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