Leaders & Followers

Leadership is a lonely job. Even the best, who wisely have a team of good counsellors around them and consult with them, are ultimately in the position of being the only one with the responsibility. They get the “fame”, if they succeed, but usually more often they get the blame! Why? Because of “human nature”. The leader is not perfect and never can be, but the accusers aren’t either and they seem to forget that, conveniently!

A leader needs followers, people he can trust to help him get the job done. Hopefully “good” followers who trust their leader and have no personal agenda in their following. But here we run into the “human nature” aspect of things again, and I will give a good example of how things usually turn out…

Think of the only perfect man to ever walk the Earth…

His leadership in the public eye only lasted three and a half years, and most of His most important leadership was not done in the public eye but with a handful of followers, behind the scenes. To the general public He looked like a failure, and especially after being accused, prosecuted, convicted, and executed, which was the result of telling the Truth and exposing the liars. The people He came to set free screamed for His crucifixion. (“Politics” – “Democracy” at work in “the court of public opinion” – The people not using their brains but having their emotions appealed to by the most verbal manipulators.)

And His followers? – Hardly reliable and highly unsuccessful. Very few of them survived into old age, and most of them died a martyrs death.

At the time of Jesus’ death there were some hundred and twenty men who would say that they believed in Him. (Note: Usually In Jewish tradition and recording of events only the men were counted. However this did not mean that there were no women or children involved, so the actual number was probably higher.)

Before this seventy had been sent out two by two.

Of the twelve that He personal chose at the beginning “one of them was the devil” and subsequently betrayed him. (He was chosen for that purpose.) That traitor gained thirty pieces of silver for his part, but committed suicide afterwards.

The three closest to Him feel asleep when they were supposed to be guarding Him, and a short while later the “strongest” of those three denied that he even knew Him.

Only one of the twelve showed up at the cross.

Does this mean that The Leader got it wrong?

Have all those that have been saved and set free ever since gotten it wrong?

True leadership is iconoclastic, radical, revolutionary, and not popular. But it is vitally needed to effect change in a corrupt society. The numbers of the conscience driven, caring, “woke”/”red-pilled” people will always be in the minority, again because of human nature, the mediocre majority wanting to keep their “comfortable status quo”.

It costs to have freedom, because it has to be fought for, and you have to keep fighting to keep it, or it could easily be lost again. (Just look at the true history of America!)

So, who do you choose to believe? Or rather, what do you choose to believe?

TIP: Don’t go for rhetoric! Choose results, the proof, the facts, the evidence!

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