Aaannd…We’re Done! (Final Edit)

NOTE: Sorry folks! That was a bit abrupt, eh!? – So here is a better version…

Either people are interested in the Truth, or not, and there are LOADS of places where you can do your own homework (see list at the bottom). They do a much better job of things than I can and most of the time I am only reposting their work anyway.

However… I am done posting this kind of material here as I have my own life that I have to live. If I post anything here in the future it will be more along personal lines and of a more spiritual content. After all I am called to be a witness to the Truth and that will never change.

This does not mean that I have lost interest or belief in all that I have posted here over the years. Far from it! In fact I believe that all we have dreamed of and hoped for is all still right there for the taking and we are on the very brink of it all happening now, barring a major catastrophe which is always possible of course.

I love you all, and I will only be responding to one-on-one communications from now on.


“So be it!” = “Amen!”



Stroppy Me

Dustin Nemos

X22 Report

SGT Report

Praying Medic (His channel was just removed from Twitter)

You Are Free TV

Judicial Watch

Black Conservative Patriot

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham at Fox News (the only ones)

Lionel at Lionel Nation (and especially when he is on

Jordan Sather

Paul Joseph Watson


There are others. There have been others that I have posted from, some I cannot immediately recall here. There are also those who have “fallen away” and/or switched sides.

Basically there are only 2 entities I trust to tell the truth on the world scene right now, the only ones taking on the deep state, elite NWO global cabal = Donald John Trump and “Q”. Others may be doing their bit, Bless them, but these 2 have the usual suspects in a state of panic right now and that is a good thing!


Any mainstream media of any kind! Just think of it as propagandising brainwashing! All owned by the elites! Their favourite control mechanism! Straight from their boss, “the father of lies”, “he was a liar from the beginning”!

This also now includes all “social media” of the following ilk… Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Microsoft, etc, including all their subsidiaries such as Skype, Messenger and all the voice and video interactive devices foisted on the world now. Throw in all “hive” stuff, “the internet of things”, soon to be run on 5G!

“Global” anything! “Federal” anything! “Central”/Centralised” anything! Any institutions promoting this idea!

Oh, and do not give your “fingerprint”, “retinal scan”, “face recognition” or DNA to “anybody”!

We have to retain our own personal sovereignty in everything. It is our God-given/ordained right. “Owe no man anything save to love him”. No man or woman has any “right” to any authority over any of us! We just have to know this and live by it as best we can!



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